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Which Foreign Languages Are The Most Important To Learn?

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Which Foreign Languages Are The Most Important To Learn?

Language is a means of communication and conveying our expressions to the whole world. With rapid advancement in the field of science and technologies, the world has become a global village, and there are less communication barriers than ever before. In this scenario where a lot of opportunities are emerging, the knowledge and learning about foreign languages can open new doors of success for your professional career.

Although every language has its own charm, requirements, and demands, yet the most popular and highly emerging foreign languages in the world are:

1. Mandarin Chinese: The whole world can see that the next most powerful economy emerging, is China. Learning Mandarin Chinese can help you to look at Chinese culture even more closely and grab the potential opportunities.

Pros: People knowing Chinese language, are few in number in the world. Learning this language can give you huge gains in future, like teachers for teaching the Chinese language, charge a higher fee.

Cons: Mandarin Chinese is the hardest language to learn, in terms of its writing system and pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese alphabets.

2. Spanish: Spanish is also one of the most emerging languages in the world. It is spoken throughout South America, United States and Europe.

Pros: The fact that it is popular and found in Entire Europe, United States and South America, gives it a wider scope that can be highly profitable for you if you learn this language.

Cons: Spanish language structure can be little bit difficult for you. It contains both Roman alphabets and Filipino words having Spanish origin. Specially, the gender tenses are difficult to understand because they are not used in either Filipino or English.

3. German: German is a popular language in Europe, Russia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, and some other nations of Eastern Europe.

Pros: These countries have prestigious universities having a strong background in applied and pure sciences, like chemistry, medicines etc. If you want to access the scholarships for studying there, knowing the German language can be of great help.

 Cons: The pronunciation might be challenging for you, as there are many words that seem like tongue twisters and are difficult to speak.

4. Japanese: Although Japan is not a successful and wealthy nation  as it used to be in 1990s, it is still a strong cultural and economic force. Especially, in the field of electronics and auto-mobiles, most of the giant leaders like Honda, Toyota, Sony, Mitsubishi etc, belong to Japan. It is indeed a flourishing economy.

Pros: Entering the Japanese market and taking the benefit of job opportunities at the major offices of these giant corporations requires your fluency in Japanese.

Cons: Japanese has three character writing systems and you are required to learn all three, if you want to learn this language to the fullest. These include katakana, hiragana, and kanji. Learning the first two is vital, although kanji  is also compulsory to mastering Japanese.

5. Arabic: The Middle East is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The Middle Eastern countries, having Arabic as their official language has been a great source of attractive employment opportunities.

Pros: Normally, fluency in Arabic is not a requisite, but being able to comprehend, speak, and read it will give you a greater choice to discover profitable options in the Middle East.

Cons: The reading and writing of Arabic language might be challenging, as Arabic has its own styles and alphabets. Also, learning classes are not easily found elsewhere, except Muslim Schools or institutions

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