When Should You Download Apple iOS 9?

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Apple made available the latest version of its operating system to power the iPhones and iPads. Apple has taken extraordinary steps to ensure the new version is ready for prime time. When the firm released iOS 8, it was surrounded by controversies due to recurring bugs, and Wired called it Apple’s buggiest release ever.

Apple iOS 9 – safe and compact

With iOS 9, Apple has taken all necessary safety measures, and is dong things differently this time. For the first time, a public beta of the new mobile operating system was tested with the help from early adopters. Since July, a million people have tested it and helped Apple in identifying issues like poor overall performance, crashing apps and Wi-Fi and networking problems, says Re/code. Since the tests started early, this gave Apple enough time to fix all the problems identified by the users.

Apart from being nearly bug-free, iOS 9 can be easily updated as it is more compact than its predecessor. The new OS requires just 1.3 GB of free space while  iOS 8 needed 4.58 GB, making it difficult to update it wirelessly.

Siri now more smarter

Apple also gave the digital assistant Siri an IQ upgrade. Just like Google Now, Siri will now anticipate the needs of its users and make suggestions regarding apps to be launched or people to contact based on the usage of the device. The digital assistant will also remind you to check your emails by the end of the day. Siri will keep users informed on traffic and provide automatic alerts for many tasks such as leaving for the airport or any other crucial task that involves traveling across town, says Re/code.

The tablet experience has also been updated, making it possible for the users to perform multiple activities simultaneously on a single screen. Apart from this, there are several other good reasons to make the upgrade. The search function has become a lot more intelligent, and significant improvements have been made to Apple’s Maps and News apps.

Andrew Levy, Crittercism co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, expects 20% of iPhone users to update their software by this Sunday. For those who are afraid, Levy says, “If you’re worried about it, wait at least a week, because Apple will release a patch or two in the first week,” adding “It won’t kill you to wait the extra seven days.”

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