What Apple Inc. Could Buy With Its Cash [INFOGRAPHIC]


Tech titan Apple has been piling up the cash at a truly remarkable rate. Over the last five years or so, the iPhone maker has piled up a $203 billion war chest. That’s a great deal of money. To put it in perspective, with that $203 billion dollar stash, you could buy the Czech Republic and have change leftover (has an annual GDP of around $200 billion).

In fact, as The Reformed Broker illustrates in their eye-opening graphic (via: Instavest) published on Wednesday, July 22nd, that much money totals up to more than the current net worth of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Alibaba’s Jack Ma combined.

What Apple Can Buy

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What Apple could buy with its cash

If CEO Tim Cook could convince the board of Apple to get jiggy, the company could spend it’s massive cash hoard on some pretty cool stuff. For example, the tech giant could buy The Walt Disney Company lock, stock and barrel again with change left over (based on current market cap).

Or.if the Apple board of directors were starting to get worried about inflation, they could hedge the company by buying all the gold in Fort Knox…literally.

If Cook and the Apple BoD was in a sporting mood, they could afford to take quite a few employees to see a Major League Baseball game. Or, heck, they could buy all 30 MLB teams, and still have around $160 billion leftover for hot dogs and beer.

Also of interest, that same $203 billion dollars war chest would finance a 270 trips to the moon and back (based on the cost of past moon flights)

If Apple wanted to really be the most popular company in the country, they could spend their war chest to give every man, woman and child in the United States, including legally resident and illegal aliens a check for $632. Now that would be Christmas in July!

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