We Are Not Working on Apple Inc. iWatch: Swatch

We Are Not Working on Apple Inc. iWatch: Swatch
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Recent rumors indicated Swatch is working with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to help create the iWatch, but the watch maker denied such collaboration.

Previous rumors indicated both companies were working together to create a line of smartwatches in different brands, styles, and prices. The watchmaker’s chief executive officer Nick Hayek claimed his company had no plans to create a smartwatch thanks to the resistance of the consumer.

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Why Apple isn’t working with Swatch

Earlier, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently said partnerships with other companies is rare. The only reason Apple recently collaborated with IBM is that it is not a competitor. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Swatch.

Just last year, Hayek thought an Apple iWatch wouldn’t be that important. He elaborated an interactive terminal on the wrist would be difficult to master because of the limited space. Swatch used to produce watches with Microsoft’s Smart Personal Object (SPOT) technology before it was defunct. Suunto and Fossil also produced the watches.

Expections for the upcoming iWatch

Apple’s highly anticipated iWatch is expected to debut later this year. The rumored device is expected to be a key product for fitness buffs especially if its compatible with the iPhone. Apple unveiled iOS 8 with a Health app in June. This app will help users keep track of their health and fitness stats on the go. It is a revloutionary feature that the company’s other competitors have yet to copy. Although smartwatches are not exactly a new product, everyone is expecting Apple to revive the industry.

The interest in the upcoming iWatch remains strong and rumors will continue to surface until Apple unveils the device. It’s been a long time since Apple introduced a revolutionary product to the market, the last time was when the iPad debuted in 2010. Technology is always changing and it is necessary for tech companies to come up with revamped products to keep consumer interest.

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