Watch GoPro Camera Falling From 10,000 Feet [Video]

Watch GoPro Camera Falling From 10,000 Feet [Video]
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GoPro users have posted thousands of videos of their extreme adventures online. But this one is going to freak you out. This nerve-wracking video starring a sturdy, but not very well attached GoPro camera shows how the camera survived a 10,000-feet freefall. Last week, YouTuber Kristoffer Örstadius‘ father found a GoPro camera in a meadow in Gringelstad outside Kristianstad, Sweden.

GoPro camera returns to its rightful owner after four years

Örstadius said it had been sitting in the meadow “for several years.” The memory card on the camera was also intact. The last footage on it showed that the GoPro had taken a terrifying journey from 10,000 feet above the ground. Unknown when the footage was taken, Örstadius posted this video on YouTube to find its rightful owner.

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“Are you the right skydiver?” the video’s description reads in Swedish. “Please let me know so that we can return the camera and memory card.” The footage has since received more than 288,000 views. The owner was located in Everöd, Sweden just a day after posting the video. A parachutist from a nearby flying club claimed it. The GoPro owner said this footage was taken four years ago.

GoPro camera takes a stomach-churning plunge

The extraordinary video shows two of the skydivers joining hands in the mid-air while two others circle them. The skydiving formation goes wrong and the helmet camera gets detached. Thus begins the dizzying descent of GoPro back to Earth. The camera is spinning crazily as it freefalls 10,000 feet down. It spins for a minute and a half before touching down into a field. Despite its stomach-churning plunge, the camera remained intact.

Such extreme videos have become an exceptional marketing tool for the San Mateo-based action camera maker. GoPro is looking to monetize millions of adventure videos that users post online. The company recently teamed up with LG Electronics and Roku to increase the reach of its videos.

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