Warren Buffett Helps Finance The Skatepark Contest For Secret Millionaires Club

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Warren Buffett Skatepark contest and more Buffett advice – see your future, be your future from Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club.

Warren Buffett Helps Finance The Skatepark Contest For Secret Millionaires Club

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No. Bad Robot. Bad.

Let me have it. Give that back.

Bradley, Elena you're early.

Hi Mr. Buffett. Can't wait to dive into our next Secret Millionaires Club project.

Someone out there needs us.

These are newspaper stories from major cities around the world. Check this out. We want our next project to be really awesome.

How about this.

It's good to think globally but sometimes better to start locally.

The let's peruse The Gazette for projects.

Weird there's no website for The Gazette.

Yeah the owner is kind of old school. My cousin lost his paper route, circulation so low they may go out of business.

I think we're on to something.

What's more awesome than saving our local paper.

I'm sure Jones and Lisa will concur.

Easy for you to say.

If concur means agree. I'm in no way to it. I've got major news.

Our next project is probably more important than...

I've got a chance to double.. no quadruple my money. If I had some money that is.

I like your enthusiasm Jones. What kind of an investment is it?

It's kind of more like an entry fee to annual mega monster skate contest is Saturday. And I can so smash the competition. He can beat everyone who enters.

Yes. I figured as much

that a hundred dollar prize is so mind.

And what would you do with it.

Start a savings account like you've always said Mr. Buffett. I just need the twenty five dollar entry fee. Can you lend me the cash Elena.

If I had any money it would be yours. Honest.

Sorry. Empty everything I earned goes into long term savings for my inventions.

So that leaves.

I can charge it.

Got our next project?

Got any money?

Jones we're we're coming next every member.

OK I'll take a check

Our local newspapers in trouble.

The Gazette? What kind of trouble.

Don't bother it's not on the web yet.

What's this.

I look so cute in this dress.

Wow that really kicks it girl.

I pulled 50 dollars from my savings to bind with a party next week.

But next week is after this coming Saturday right?

Of course it is.

Then you could do me a solid for Saturday and still have time to buy your dress.

Jones. I know you're trying to say something to me.

Translation He needs twenty five dollars to enter a skateboarding contest that he wins every year

and he's asking you to lend him the money.

I'll pay you back from the winnings.

I would like to help you out.

Good. Can we move this along.

But you could lose.

The Joanster lose never happen.

Tell her man he's the best in town.

Lisa you'll get your money back no matter what. Promise me.

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