Warren Buffett & Bill Gates on Capitalism, Financial Crisis and America

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates on Capitalism, Financial Crisis and America

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates on Capitalism, Financial Crisis and America

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Published on Jul 31, 2016

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Warren Buffett & Bill Gates participate in a Q&A with MBA students from the Columbia business school. The topic of the Q&A is the USA's economy after the financial crisis but the discussion covers many interesting and insightful areas. A full list of questions is located below.

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0:00 Introduction
2:53 Start of discussion
3:16 What brings you two together?
3:30 Warren
3:42 Bill
3:55 Over the past year (2009) have you had doubts about capitalism?
4:13 Warren
4:46 Bill
5:45 Start of questions
5:54 Do you think greed was the root cause of the financial crisis?
6:07 Warren
7:35 Bill
8:42 How did you feel when you heard Lehman was filing for bankruptcy?
9:05 Bill
9:54 Warren
10:45 Were business schools accountable for the credit crisis?
11:05 Bill
12:24 Warren
13:56 What industry is going to produce the next Bill Gates?
14:18 Bill
15:25 Warren
16:25 Brief history of Warren
17:40 Will there ever be a company as transformative as Microsoft in the students life time?
17:58 Bill
18:28 Increasing exposure to the railroad industry?
18:49 Warren
20:29 What keeps you up at night?
20:46, 23:11 Warren
21:49 Bill
23:42 Buying in the current market rally (2009)
24:02 Warren
26:01 Brief history of Bill
27:07 Most important thing you do everyday?
27:19 Bill
28:10 What didn’t the MBA prepare you for?
28:22 Warren
30:35 What role did luck play in your success?
30:51 Bill
31:48 What do you admire most about each other?
32:07 Warren
33:19 Bill
35:04 Has the financial crisis impacted your investment philosophy?
35:23 Warren
36:31 How would you recommend a investor to allocate their capital today?
36:46 Warren
39:02 Development of alternative energy?
39:38 Bill
42:07 How do we encourage business leaders to look for context and connect the dots?
42:41, 44:44 Warren
43:38 Bill
45:30 What qualities distinguish you from the majority?
46:01 Warren
47:36 Bill
48:26 Warrens reasons for giving money to the Gates and Melina foundation?
48:53 Warren
49:35 Most important mentors?
49:50 Bill
50:43 Thoughts on Steve Jobs work at Apple?
50:58 Bill
51:48 Do you think Google resembles Microsoft?
51:59 Bill
52:50 What data to look at in value investing?
53:18 Warren
54:09 If America was a stock would you buy it?
54:12 Bill & Warren

Original Video: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett: Keeping America Great
Event:Columbia Business School, New York City.
Date:12 November, 2009
Original Image Source: http://bit.ly/2ahHLkZ

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