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Walter Schloss Page UpdatedGood News. My Walter Schloss resource page is now complete. The page includes Schloss’s bio, investment record, investment philosophy, videos of Schloss and more.

You can find the full page under the top menu value investors- Legendary value investors or by clicking on the following link Walter Schloss Resource Page

Here is a small excerpt.

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Biography of Walter Schloss

While Walter Schloss is not nearly as well known as other investors such as Warren Buffett, Schloss was undoubtedly one of the best investors ever. Like Buffett, Schloss was a direct student of Graham, and is one of ” Super Investors” mentioned by Warren Buffett in his famous essay The Super Investors of Graham-And-Doddsville.

Walter Schloss was born in 1916( and is still living alive and well today). At 18 years old he worked as a runner for on Wall Street. Schloss never went to college, and instead enrolled in several classes given by legendary investor Benjamin Graham. Schloss eventually went to work for the Graham-Newton Partnership. In 1955 Schloss launched his own value fund. He would run the fund until 2000. He also spent four years during that time serving in the US army fighting in WWII.

Schloss was known for being very frugal. His total office expense was an estimated $11,000 while his partnership generated a net profit of $19,000,000.

Schloss stopped actively managing other people’s money in 2003. He currently is a treasurer for the Freedom House a non-profit group devoted to furthering democracy, and human rights.

Walter Schloss’s Investment Record

For the 45 years Schloss managed his fund he crushed the S&P 500 by producing returns of 15.3% versus 10% for the S&P 500. A $10,000 initial investment in Schloss’s fund would have produced $12,344,268, compared to an initial investment of $10,000 in the S&P 500 which would have resulted in only $1,173,909.

He took no fees unless the fund achieved a certain hurdle rate. Once the fund hit a certain curdle rate Schloss took 25% of the profit. Schloss’s fund was setup very similar to Warren Buffett’s original partnership.

You can find the full page under the top menu value investors- Legendary value investors or by clicking on the following link Walter Schloss Resource Page

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