Should You Wait For The iPhone 7 Or Buy The iPhone 6S?

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Fans of Apple devices have been snapping up the iPhone 6s in large numbers. But the question remains for consumers that have yet to take the plunge as to whether it would be better to shell out for an iPhone 6s right now, or instead wait for the forthcoming iPhone 7. The next generation handset from Apple is expected to be released in September 2016, which is certainly a significant wait for potential consumers. But there are arguments against purchasing the existing iPhone 6s, particularly if customers have already tied themselves into a long-term contract.

Two contrasting handsets

Before assessing whether or not to purchase the iPhone 7, it is firstly important to understand the difference between the two devices in question. The iPhone 6s is very much an upgrade of the existing iPhone 6, as opposed to an entirely new concept. This is denoted by the fact that the iPhone 6s received the S moniker, as opposed to an entirely new number. This has traditionally indicated that an iPhone release is an update of an existing device, rather than a reboot of the iPhone concept.

Typically, Apple has released an S-branded device one year, and then rebooted the iPhone concept the following year with an entirely new device number. So the iPhone 7 will very much fit into this pattern, and it is thus expected that the smartphone will be a significant departure from both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s when it is released.

In short, comparing the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6s is not comparing like with like, despite the fact that Apple has attempted to suggest in its commercial advertising that the iPhone 6s is a massive step forward over the iPhone 6. Certainly the inclusion of 3D Touch is a major innovation, and the iPhone 6s has generally received pretty favorable critical reviews. Although one issue that continues to plague the iPhone series is poor battery life, and numerous critics have pointed out that once again that the iPhone 6s fails to deliver in this department.

Accepting an upgrade

So the first aspect that consumers should consider before purchasing the iPhone 6s is whether they are happy to accept a smartphone that is essentially an upgraded version of the iPhone 6, and particularly whether hey want to tie themselves into a two-year contract with such a device. At the time of writing, the iPhone 6s is certainly an excellent smartphone performer, and one that, after all, sells like hotcakes all over the world. But Apple has never packed its mobile releases with outstanding specifications, and two years down the line it is fair to say that the iPhone 6s will begin to look rather dated.

The question that consumers might wish to ask themselves before opting for the iPhone 7 is… what sort of features is Apple likely to include in the next generation handset? Certainly the iPhone 7 has already been linked with all manner of possible innovations. It seems logical to begin with the area that Apple is most likely to improve with the iPhone 7, mainly the display in the smartphone.

Should You Wait For The iPhone 7 Or Buy The iPhone 6S?

Display issues

This has been a big disappointment for some iPhone users in the iPhone 6s. It was widely speculated by many analysts that Apple would at least improve the resolution of the smartphone-sized version of the iPhone 6s to full HD pixel quantities, possibly accompanying it with a quad HD phablet. In reality, Apple chose to freeze the screen resolution from the last generation iPhone 6, which seems rather inadequate compared to some of the other smartphones available on the market.

It seems almost unthinkable that Apple will choose to do this once more when the iPhone 7 is released, so we can reasonably assume that the screen resolution will indeed be improved. So consumers might want to consider whether they wish to settle for a device that is relatively meager in terms of resolution, or wait for an iPhone that is truly HD in nature.

Camera upgrade

Another major new feature expected for the iPhone 7 is a vastly improved camera. This is an interesting rumor considering that the iPhone 6s featured a snapper improved by 50 percent in megapixel rating from the last generation iPhone 6. Yet advanced DSLR technology and dual-camera lenses have been linked with the iPhone 7, as camera provisions become increasingly important for smartphones.

The iPhone 6s is a pretty nifty picture taker, but serious photographers might wish to wait for the iPhone 7. But it must be said in mitigation that Apple will never rush out technology until it can be implemented to its own lofty standards, so there is no guarantee of a vastly improved camera lens in the iPhone 7 anyway.

Wireless charging, a curved screen variant, USB-C port compatibility, a slimmer design, faster processors, more memory, virtual reality tie-ins… these are just some of the features rumored for the next generation iPhone 7 when it is launched. But this leads to another major consideration for consumers, namely price.

iPhone 7 pricing

With Apple having frozen the price of the iPhone 6s when it was released, the overwhelming likelihood is that the consumer electronics giant will increase the price of the iPhone 7 over the iPhone 6s next year. Again, this is not a certainty, but if Apple intends to include some of the revolutionary and innovative features that have been linked with the smartphone it is certainly to be expected.

So customers of Apple should consider whether or not they actually require some of the new features linked with the next generation smartphone, whether they are willing to pay more than the existing price point for the iPhone 6s, and indeed how many of these features are likely to come to fruition. Many consumers might consider that an iPhone 6s smartphone that is the height of coolness and sophistication, that delivers a pretty powerful and nifty package, that features the slickest mobile operating system, and which is pretty affordable for a premium smartphone, makes an irresistible package.

There will be plenty of consumers both ready to wait for a revolutionary iPhone 7, and plump for an iPhone 6s now, and ultimately the decision should be predicated on what is important to the individual. The iPhone 7 will deliver more bang, but almost certainly cost more bucks.

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