Small Businesses Thrive when Democracy Thrives: Every Vote Counts

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On the election process and the voter turnout, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

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“This was the largest voter turnout in recent history. Americans across race and zip code turned out to stand with and for each other. No matter what the politicians say, it is the people’s will that matters. Small businesses thrive when our democracy thrives. When we count and verify every vote, we will see that the will of the people is clear. Until then, no victory declarations matter.

The basis of American democracy is that we pick our leaders - our leaders do not pick their voters. Election officials are counting every vote and verifying the results, as they have in every previous election. We must uphold the democratic transfer of power. There are tens of millions of votes left to count, and local officials are working hard to count them.

Voters across the country chose initiatives and electeds who will support small businesses - from setting up a paid leave program in Colorado, a way to level the playing field with large corporations, to Senators who will vote to provide the much-needed, comprehensive support small businesses need to get through this ongoing pandemic.”

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