Vine For Android Released By Twitter

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The popular video social media application Vine is now available on Android. This app first became available in January and was exclusive for iOS users previously.

Vine For Android Released By Twitter

Vine Features

The app allows people to take short video six-second clips and share them immediately. Right now, there are 13 million registered Vine users.

The new Android app is very similar to the iOS app as it features easy video creation, automatic playback with sound, explore feature, and friend finding feature. Unlike the iOS version, the Android version will feature zoom capabilities. Right now, the Vine for Android app doesn’t feature front-facing camera support, search, or Facebook feature yet. Those last three features will come to Android soon enough.

Since the app is brand new, users can expect a few bugs here and there. The company added that they will be releasing frequent updates to improve overall user experience. At first, Android users had a hard time finding the new app but it’s now live on the Google Play store.

Although Twitter has a multitude of video apps, what separates Vine from the rest is the easy way to record and share video clips.

Vine isn’t the only exclusive iOS application that branched out to Android. Last year, the popular photo sharing application Instagram created an app for Android users. Much to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s dismay, many of their most popular apps are also available on Android which only fuels the competition between both companies. Although Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) initially launched the iPhone in 2007 and essentially set the standard for smartphones, Android has taken some of the spotlight away from the successful Cupertino-based company.

The new Vine app should please Android users who have been waiting for the release of the popular video sharing app on their platform. We can expect a surge in Vine registrations over the next few days.

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