Viking Global Purchases 5.5% of Carter’s

Viking Global Purchases 5.5% of Carter’s

Viking Global Purchases 5.5% of Carter's

Viking Global Investors LP made an announcement that they now own about 5.5% of Carter’s, Inc’s (NYSE:CRI) shares since late last month. The children’s clothier is selling shares at about $50.00 a piece and the current prediction is that they will earn about $2.50 for each share around FY 2012.

This is a nice break of  good news for the company since recent news of the two  former presidents of the brand was charged with fraud. According to Bloomberg Business Week, in March, Joseph Pacifico was indicted with fraud and falsifying the companies records. The year before that, Joseph Elles(former sales executive for Carter’s Inc) reported inflated sales.

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Carter’s a brand that makes clothing for babies and young children. The company was founded by William Carter in 1865 in England before arriving to America in 1857.  They also own the brand Osh Kosh B’ Gosh. Both labels are sold at specialty and department stores from around the world.

Viking Global Investors is a large hedge fund investment firm. The company was discovered by Andreas Halvorsen, Brian Olson, and David Ott back in the late nineties.  Their firm mainly focuses on several businesses including technology, financial, and consumer. They hold operations in both American and global cities including New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Greenwich, where they are based out of.

Despite the recent negative reports of the fraudulent business practices from ex-Carter’s Inc executives, it appears that the company is still going financially strong and that’s a good thing for them. Viking’s recent share investment should only boost Carter’s sales and enhance their image as a reputable company. It’s only a matter of time that more companies will follow their lead and invest stocks in a company that specializes in children’s apparel. Perhaps, the entire apparel trade could become the next big investment trend. Only time will tell.

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