Valve Steam Box Announcement Due Monday [REPORT]

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The gaming world is still reeling from the massive success of GTA V, but that’s not the only big news in the world at the moment. Valve, one of the most loved game developers and the owner of the popular Steam distribution platform, is going to announce a new console on Monday.

Valve Steam Box Announcement Due Monday [REPORT]

The gaming machine, rumored to be dubbed the Steam Box, will probably be running similar internals to the new consoles from Microsoft and Xbox, but there’s a twist. The Valve Steam Box will likely run a version of Linux, the popular open source operating system, and will play PC games.

Valve and the PC platform

Nobody is really sure what Valve is going to do with the Steam Box, but everyone seems certain it will be interesting. Rumors suggest that it will only play games that the company has previously released on Linux, while others think the console will feature a compatibility layer that will allow Windows games to be played on the device. Most companies do not release on Linux, but Valve has been working to make the operating system a viable gaming platform.

The Steam Box may also serve to codify and standardize the PC gaming world. With so many different components available, games are difficult to optimize for PC and can be more expensive to develop. If a machine like the Steam Box takes off, it could serve to make games easier to develop for PC, or at least for the Steam Box.

Valve investment

Unfortunately for investors, there’s no direct way to get involved in the Valve Steam Box. Valve is a private company and with the money printing machine its Steam platform has become, it’s probably not looking for any new investors. Valve is one of the biggest successes in the gaming world, and many attribute a part of that success to the firm’s independence from the market.

The biggest change that might result from the release of the Steam Box might be for competitors, and that might be the best way for eager investors to attempt a play on the release. The new console might shake up the gaming industry. Results from new Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) may not perform as well as hoped over the coming years if the Valve release is a success.

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