Business Studies Scholarship Program – Tesla, The Future After Short Term Recession?

Tesla, The Future After Short Term Recession?

By: Emily Cassanmagnago

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The stock idea I choose is Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), meaning the car industry, which has a stock market worth of 725.15 USD today. Having in mind that Tesla is runned by Elon Musk who is responsible for other markets like SpaceX, Solar City amongst others, he has ambitious plans with his enterprises. When it comes to Tesla it is not just an automobile but one that helps the environment because it is electric meaning not using fuel and therefore not polluting the air. Not only because it helps the environment but because it is futuristic, because fossil fuels are limited, we still need transportation so using electric batteries is an alternative to fuel, still allowing us to use cars its stock worth in my opinion should be over 1 billion.

Its major competitors are Ford Motor company, Honda Motor company, General Motors, amongst others but neither help the environment as much as Tesla Motors does. These are everyday brands which makes the Teslas a superior competitor when it comes to the car industry.

Tesla post short term recession

During the Tesla markets opened it has had a very good crawl to the top winning over $850. Since the advances of the year being almost to 112% other traditional carmakers are suggesting that investors view Tesla more as a tech company rather than a car company for this reason it has had a faster crawl than other car companies. As I stated before because these cars are made without combustion engines it is what makes them essential for the future. The only problem is that lately because of coronavirus the stock markets have shaved down.

It is still ahead in the car industry market in this worldwide crisis period, but because 97% of cars still use fuel, once the markets and countries are full on track again, fuel cars and petroleum will be the most requested to get everything started. This will last 3 or less months and after some recession is decreased Tesla will be requested as much as it was requested before and even more by the standby that has been done in countries during these quarantine days. Because of this, investing in Tesla right now, that is not at its highest peak, will be a great deal in the near future when stock markets are elevated again.