Business Studies Scholarship Program – My Most Meaningful Achievement


My most meaningful achievement as of today is my ability to see the
importance of becoming a responsible and conscientious adult in the
community. I am a hard-working and dedicated student. My faith and
strong conservative beliefs are important to the person I am. I both
work and volunteer at the church I have attended since I was a child.
I lead a small group of 8th grade boys every Sunday at church as well
as am employed as a logistics specialist at the church. I want to use
my psychology major and biblical studies minor in order to meet the
needs of others in the community. I believe strongly there is a dire
need in our current society that is leading to the need for more
dedicated support in this field. Unfortunately, the cost of college
and siblings who are also attending school have made the idea of
completing school look almost unattainable without accruing $100,000
in debt. I take education seriously; however, I do not believe
finishing school with this kind of debt would be either responsible
or conscientious. Thank you for your consideration for this