Business Studies Scholarship Program – A regime of a tech company on the stock market, Apple!

A Regime of a Tech Company on the Stock Market, Apple!

Thuan Van Huynh

In today’s world, the stock market remains an essential factor for the growth of a country. It is also an enormous contribution to the national GDP and investing in a stock market isn’t an unfamiliar thing for people nowadays. Investing your hard-earn money is easy and difficult at the same time. So how can you make a good choice and invest in a good company?

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Why Apple Is So Successful

My obsession with the stock market is huge and many stocks are my favorite. However, after a few years of research and investing with my parents in stocks. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is still one of my favorite companies to invest in and there are many of the reasons why AAPL is so successful and still rapidly moving on the stock market.

Here are some of the reasons that I have for it. In the first place, Apple Inc. maintains an extremely innovative mind. Apple products have always been standing out from other electronic manufacturers. Instead of selecting a normal path for a company to build on, they open their path to success by opening to a different and unique idea to developing their new products. The design that you didn't hear before but ended up giving the company a huge hit, therefore, increasing in the market cap.

Apple As An Investment

There only a handful of companies out-in-the-market can achieve this. Apple’s uniqueness damages other competitors very deeply. The consumer still gets hype-up for a new iPhone, iPad, or any other iconic product from Apple; they still rely on the company to purchase the product from Apple as an investment (Investing in a better iPhone or iMac to make their work go a bit smoother.).

Second, they secure a remarkably firm foundation in the stock market. Apple is the first company that hit one trillion dollars in market cap and their stock is still rapidly going up at a crazy rate. The fan-base for Apple products is staggering and the company is a pro in developing a loyal customer. Some people used to say “Once you join Apple-ecosystem, you stay there forever!”

The statement proves the company amalgamation between products makes changing into other systems is a pain. The consumers aren’t establishing the commitment to the products, the products committed to them. To keep a strong consumer foundation, Apple Inc. can develop a bond between the product and the users and also with the help of new subscription plans like iTunes and Apple Music.

Each individual that has been purchasing Apple products, that is another form of investment rather than buying bonds and evolving in the stock market.

Last not least, Apple Inc. is a game-changer for the investor. For Apple shareholders, they enjoy the earnings they got from Apple based on Apple’s earnings report. The revenue of the company from 2016 to 2020 is almost double. The price for each share in AAPL is high compared to the standard share price. However, if you like riskiness then AAPL obtains an outstanding place to start with!

AAPL Vs Other Competitors

If you compare Apple stock to other competitors like Samsung or Huawei, they are producing electronic devices, but they are different on the stock market platform. Samsung and Huawei operate their device on a widely used operating system, Android; they are also out-of- the US. Apple, on the other hand, is safely produced on a steady and a higher currency rate market. There are many overlooked ideas about Apple.

“Too expensive”, “too risky”, or “The stock will come to the stop and gradually die out like Nokia or Blackberry.” These are some of the most primitive answers when people ask others “Why are you not considering investing in Apple stock?”. I disagree! Nokia is a company based in Finland, not the US.

Innovative and unique, but doesn’t utilize a system that engages the user to commit to the device and poorly marketing plan. Blackberry, a company that bases in Canada. Unique, innovative, and strong product ecosystem. However, Blackberry isolates themselves so much that they end up running out of ideas for a current product and their marketing is not so great.

All of this reason concludes with one conclusion. Apple will continue thriving and standstill on the market for a long time. As Warren Buffett used to state “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Therefore, make a good choice and start to invest as much as possible. Unique, willing to take the risk, creates, and innovative; the most key characters of a smart investor and that are Apple, a serious game-changer for the US, the world, and the investors!


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