Users Report Freezing Issues With Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The Galaxy Note 8 has been heralded as Samsung’s comeback story, who are attempting to recover from the Samsung Note 7 recall. The phone has a 6.3 inch display, two top quality cameras, and an impressive 6GB of RAM performance. All these features amount to one of the most expensive phones on the market, though it’s important not to expect exceptional battery life with the model.

Retailing at $929, the phone is one of the most expensive of its kind to hit the market, and for this price you are rewarded with one of the most productive smartphones imaginable. As the most powerful Samsung phone yet, it is technically Samsung’s best, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everyone. Though the Note 8 maximizes the dual curved edge functionality, it is too big for some, with a huge display screen that can become a hindrance. It’s quite heavy at 195g, but the added grip offers added security and helps create peace of mind for consumers.

The fingerprint sensor has improved on the device, and though there are positive changes and features which are to be celebrated by those who are well suited to the phone, there are also drawbacks which will discourage users. Perhaps you are one of many who have experienced freezing issues with the Galaxy Note 8? If not and you’re simply intrigued to learn about this, you can discover more below.

Multiple users are reporting they have experienced freezing issues, rendering the phone unresponsive in various basic scenarios. This doesn’t relate to the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 (where the device heated and caught fire), but it is still a worrying concern for Samsung’s reputation. If you have experienced these freezing issues, you are well within your rights to return the device, as many consumers are already doing. Reports speak of the Galaxy Note 8 freezing completely when you open ‘Contacts’, or when using the phone for messaging and general apps.

The freezing sentiment has been echoed by thousands of users, who are frustrated in the Galaxy Note 8’s inability to function as a phone. It has been remarked for becoming especially unresponsive during the speed dial function, contacts, when making calls, on the phone and messaging apps, and with many other functions. The issue is clearly widespread, being reported in multiple countries, but it isn’t strictly applicable to every region and model. There is reason to believe it is the contact’s app misbehaving in the models with defects, where once frozen you can only return to normal by forcing a restart or removing the battery.

Though Samsung are yet to acknowledge the root cause of the issue, or even suggest a fix, they are expected to address the issue soon. As a consumer, you are entitled to return your faulty product under your standard one year warranty.

I hope you have found this article informative, and we hope that by bringing awareness to this issue, Samsung will address the problems and create a useful fix. If you feel as if we’ve left anything out, please comment below to kick-start the discussion.

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