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Driving tests! We’ve all faced them, and we each have our share of crazy stories. Whether it be tales of calamitous driving errors, larger-than-life instructors, road rage, or pedestrians taking leisurely strolls across traffic lanes. And who can forget the nerves that accompany the dreaded theory test? (The term ‘Hazard Perception’ still gives me goosebumps to this day!) And every country is different US vs UK Driving Test have different questions and qualifications (different sides of the road) is just one small aspect.

However, a simple party story isn’t as far as it goes – have you ever considered packing up and moving town to sit a driving test? How about holding out until winter before the big day? And is it really true what they say about women drivers?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about how driving tests are changing. According to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), learner drivers will now be required to use sat navs as an alternative to road signs, and answer ‘show me’ vehicle safety questions whilst driving. As well as this, independent driving times are set to increase, while reversing manoeuvres may be completely changed.

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But, what has prompted these changes?

Well, according to GOV.UK, road collisions account for nearly a quarter of deaths in teenagers aged 15 to 19. The changes will act as a precautionary measure to ensure drivers are more confident and better prepared for the road. According to a survey conducted by GOV.UK, approx. 80% of 4000 respondents (learners and instructors included) showed support in the face of these alterations.

Here at Moneybarn, we were fascinated by this recent buzz surrounding driving tests, so decided to delve a little deeper into the experience. By taking recent stats from the GOV.UK website, we’ve created a series of fantastic visuals which we’ve spliced together to form the infographic below, ‘In the Driver’s Seat: Analysing UK Driving Test Results’.

We’ve looked at driving tests from every possible angle – everything from which countries speed to the top of the charts for pass rates, which of those rank the worst, how may attempts people typically take to pass, differences in gender for both theory and practical tests, and even what time of year sees the highest number of passes.

Another question we’ve addressed is – are practical tests getting any easier? It certainly seems that way, what with the stark difference in success rates compared to ten years ago. According to data, practical tests seem to have become easier across the spectrum for young adults, while theory tests are proving much more of a challenge. UK Driving Test


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