Twitter Turkey Ban Backfires Hilariously And Predictably

Twitter Turkey Ban Backfires Hilariously And Predictably
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Turkey’s attempt to ban Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has backfired hilariously, as it’s one of the most-trending topics on the social media site, and many users were quick to offer quips and jokes about the somewhat ridiculous attempt to characterize its ban of Twitter as a win for “internet freedom.”

Twitter banned in Turkey

Tom Gara @tomgara

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To be fair, he has a point. RT @fieldproducer Turkey’s PM Erdogan blocks Twitter, calls it “menace to society”

Jeff @jeffreadwrite

Turkish Prime Minister bans Twitter & vows to destroy it, to show how “powerful” Turkey is. Wow. Could he possibly look more foolish?

Jhansue @wordofwanderer

Shutting Twitter won’t stop circulation of those incriminating tapes showing corruption in #Turkey PM Erdogan’s govt.

Mira Boneva @mIRa_StAndrews

Kind of ironic to tweet this: Turkey’s Erdogan threatens Twitter ban as vote looms

Daoud Kuttab @daoudkuttab

“The decision to block Twitter, in Turkey is a dramatic step for a government that claims to be democratic,” says Freedom House president

Business Insider @businessinsider

Turkey’s attempt to block Twitter backfires spectacularly

Fine Gael @FineGael

@paschald expresses deep concern over #Twitter blocking in Turkey. “Internet freedom […] needs to be protected.”

C Eccentric @c_eccentric

By attempting to ban Twitter, Turkey’s president has opened himself up to a slew of negative tweets. Poetic justice.

Ken Lewis @Kenok13

The sooner Turkey gets a new Prime Minister the better they will be. This current one is like a dictator >>

Yannis Koutsomitis @YanniKouts

#Turkey will lift its ban on Twitter when the company complies w Turkish requests to remove illegal contents -CommMin

AJAM Live @ajamlive

Turkish industry minister: Twitter row can be resolved if Twitter gets legal rep. in Turkey, agrees to block individual accounts

Ansamed @ANSA_med

[eng] Turkey: from Gul onward everyone bypasses Twitter ban: In 10 hours more than half million Turkish tweets..

Arnold Aranez @mr_gadget

After a government-imposed Twitter ban, Turkey sets tweet record.

VentureBeat @VentureBeat

Turkey’s Twitter ban backfires: Tweets up 138%, VPN usage up, topic trends  by @harrisonweber

Twitter Turkey Ban Backfires Hilariously And Predictably


Youtube was blocked in Turkey from 2008-2010, & now they’ve blocked twitter as well.. Talk about freedom of speech & free press

Louis Fishman @Istanbultelaviv

Will the real Mr.Fuat Avni @fuatavni please stand up! Until then Twitter could be banned in Turkey (whistleblower perhaps embedded in gov)

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