Twitter Teams With Women's Group For Abuse Reporting Tool

Twitter Teams With Women's Group For Abuse Reporting Tool

Online harassment and abuse is a prevalent problem for many internet users. Unfortunately, this problem seems to be more prevalent with women on the internet. This is why social media giant Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is teaming up with a women’s group WAM to launch a special tool for reporting online abuse.

Twitter hopes to end online harassment against women

This particular tool enables users to report users by their Twitter handles. It also lets victims write a detailed report about the abuse. Online harassment can come in various forms including user impersonation, violent threats, hate speech, and revealing private information.

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The tool will escalate reports to Twitter. It will also track the website’s responses to all the different types of gender harassment. When the pilot period ends, the tool will analyze all the collected data and use it to help improved Twitter.

WAM’s role in the partnership

WAM’s executive director Jaclyn Friedman, “The disproportionate targeting of women online results in them removing their voices from the public conversation. We’re so glad that Twitter recognizes that the best way to ensure equally free speech for all users on their platform is to ensure that all users are equally free to speak without being targeted by harassment, abuse and threats.”

A recent survey from Pew Research showed that 25% of young women have been sexually harassed online. 26% of them also claimed they were stalked.

These moves were actually prompted when a few women complained about harassment and bullying in the gaming industry. Twitter has done it’s part to fight against online harassment. Although it may be near impossible to find a way to completely ban it, every little bit helps.

According to a recent report from Pew Research, social media platforms are the most common websites for online harassment.

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