Twitter Plans To Release App For Google Glass [REPORT]

Twitter Plans To Release App For Google Glass [REPORT]
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Twitter wants to enhance the Google Glass experience by designing their own microblogging app for the new technology system. It’s rumored that they are working on a special application for Google Glass.

Twitter Plans To Release App For Google Glass [REPORT]

Jonathan Gottfried retweeted an image with the following post from a mysterious source, “Is @MogroothMuddler beta testing an official Twitter for Glass app? Certainly looks like it.”

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AllThingsD reports that this could be a real deal simply because Twitter limits the number of apps with the word Twitter in the name. Interesting enough, the tweet in question came from someone named @MogroothMuddler but that account has since been deleted. This can be traced back to Shiv Ramamurthi, an engineering manager for Twitter.

If Twitter plans on having a Google Glass application, it probably won’t come out until sometime next year because Google said that their new glasses most likely won’t come out until 2014. It’s possible that other app developers and websites are currently working on their own applications for Google Glass. This could also mean that there are high expectations for the next wave of technology.  If high-profile companies Twitter are already designing the apps it must mean that they foresee a real future with Google Glass. And that’s pretty impressive considering we haven’t seen such innovative technology since the iPad launched in 2010. It’s possible that this Glass could be, or will introduce the next wave of technology.

Twitter has yet to make an official comment.

Twitter Plans To Release App For Google Glass [REPORT]

If this rumor is true, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may have more to worry about than they initially thought. Although Google Glass sounds like something that might have been dreamed up in science-fiction novels, it could also be a valid new technology that reignites interest in Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and mobile computing.  It could be an exciting future for all.

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