Twitter Now Has Over 200M Active Users A Month

Twitter Now Has Over 200M Active Users A Month
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Twitter is growing at a pretty fast rate. The micro-blogging website reported on Tuesday morning that they now have over 200 million active users a month. The company first shared the news via this tweet, “There are now more than 200M monthly active @twitterusers. You are the pulse of the planet. We’re grateful for your ongoing support!”

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Twitter Now Has Over 200M Active Users A Month

Twitter previously hit the 100 million mark during the late summer of 2011, the following spring they beat that record with over 140 million.

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Twitter also reports that Twitter users generally tweet about 1 billion tweets every two and a half days. It’s also important to count all the retweets. Earlier this year, Justin Bieber set the most-retweeted message record(223,000 plus) with his message regarding the death of one of his fans. Two months later, President Barack Obama topped that record with over 350,000 retweets of his re-election tweet.

Like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter has become a large communication platform. It has become more than just a virtual public diary or blog. Social media became our connection to news, celebrities, and events. It changed the internet in a big way as it’s replaced email, social forums, and chat rooms. Twitter’s growing popularity only confirms a few things that we already know; Technology users want to connect with other individuals, key figures, and companies. They also want to share everything with everyone. Twitter(and Facebook) fill both needs and should continue to see significant growth in the next few years.

What’s more is the current growth in mobile media and applications will fuel the growth. Micro-blogging websites make it easier to share information via mobile devices. They can follow their favorite news sources, websites, stores, and other groups in one central location. It’s evident that simplicity is the real winner here.

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