Twitter Inc (TWTR) To Revive Declining User Growth With New Features?

Twitter Inc (TWTR) To Revive Declining User Growth With New Features?
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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is experiencing slow growth despite posting higher revenues in the latest quarter. The micro-blogging site is working on various features to attract a larger audience by making it easier for them to follow and locate specific topics and conversations. A report from Business Insider by Selena Larson lists some of those features.

Quality of timeline views improving

For the fourth quarter, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) posted a decline of nine billion in “timeline views.” Though the timeline views decreased, CEO Dick Costolo told analysts during the earnings call that the quality of the views has improved meaning users are now more engaged with tweets. Citing an example, the CEO said threaded conversations, which are seen as better quality views, have increased as it is relatively easier to follow conversations between multiple users with a thin blue line. Such conversations require lesser timeline views and clicks on users’ profiles.

According to the author, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may introduce a custom timelines feature, which is presently available on Tweetdeck, across Twitter proper. The feature allows a user to collect and display specific tweets and events in chronological order, which is in contrast to company’s standard reverse chronological display.

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User friendly moves expected from Twitter

A few months back, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) updated its messaging service by adding direct messages front and center on both the mobile and Web applications; however, unlike Facebook, the company still doesn’t have a standalone messaging application. By referring Twitter as the ‘Internet’s town square,’ Costolo did pointed that the company may add such feature in the coming time, “When you’re walking through the town square, you often want to whisper to the person next to you,” he said.

Another initiative being worked on is the “Topic-based discovery,” which would make it easier for users to locate and participate in conversations on a specific topic. Recently, Twitter updated its search function on the Web to get more specific results. Also, a new “Discover” section on mobile has been added, which gives latest tweets on news and entertainment among other things.

Costolo also discussed Twitter’s e-commerce expedition, for which the company recently invited applications for commerce specialist. The CEO said that the company might use Twitter Cards as the ‘vehicle’ to support commerce, in the future. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Cards includes photos, video and detailed descriptions in tweets. Costolo, however, gave no information on whether the company is planning to incorporate a “buy button” in the tweets.

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