Twitter Inc Improving Language Skills Of Users [STUDY]

Twitter Inc Improving Language Skills Of Users [STUDY]

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) might be helping the users to enhance their language skills, according to a new study. To justify their observation, the researchers took into account the top 100 most commonly used words on Twitter. Just two words “RT” (re-tweet) and “U” (You) were shortened out of the 100 words taken. Every other word on an average was around 4.5 letters and not shortened.

Word limit improves skills

One of the researchers said that the micro-blogging site might actually be making the user’s writing skill better as the 140 character tweet requires the users to convey their thoughts in limited words. Researchers added that a Twitter user is bound to contain his or her thoughts within the word limit, and “the character limit actually explains the slightly longer word length we see.”

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With a character limit, longer words require less space between them, which means less waste. In the study, it was revealed that even though the thoughts of the users are cut short there is no evidence that they are lost. The study, according to BGR, appeared in OkCupid founder Christian Rudder’s new book titled Dataclysm: Who we Are (When We Think No One’s Looking)

Another study rebuke Twitter

A separate research, last month, revealed that Twitter could lead to addiction and psychosis, citing the example of a 31-year old woman, who received coded messages from the celebrities on the micro-blogging site. In a study titled as Twitter Psychosis: A rare variation or a Distinct Syndrome? excavated the case of a 31-year old German Woman Mrs C, who became overly addicted to Twitter finding it difficult to escape from the messaging application.

Mrs. C could not resist the application, and at times spend several hours in reading, as well as, posting new messages on Twitter, forgoing her social relationships, meals and even regular sleeping hours. The greater cause of concern was that Mrs. C was receiving coded texts.

Analysts positive on Twitter

In a report dated Sept. 11, 2014, Canaccord Genuity analysts Michael Graham, Marla Ripps and Austin Moldow believe that Twitter had a tough road to walk, but the micro-blogging site is making efforts to tackle the growth problem. Analysts are positive on the stock as they except an upside in the engagement and monetization. According to the analysts, the company will register greater growth in both the areas in the coming years.

Twitter will be the only relevant mode of connection between the worlds, according to the analysts. The platform will be used extensively to convey and share the thoughts.

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