Twitter Inc Users Can Now Flag Multiple Abusive Tweets In One Report

Twitter Inc Users Can Now Flag Multiple Abusive Tweets In One Report

Twitter users have long been individually flagging abusive tweets so that Twitter’s safety team could check them. This could prove frustrating for users and the safety team, so to improve the process further, the micro-blogging giant has come up with an update for the iOS, Android and the desktop versions of its app that will allow users to report multiple tweets together.

Twitter makes life easier for its safety team

In most cases, the new reporting structure will result in the investigation of the account responsible for abuse to determine if disciplinary action needs to be taken, which eventually may lead to account deletion or an IP ban. According to the micro-blogging company, this recent update will make work easier for Twitter’s safety team and also for victims who experience abuse in a number of ways.

“This update makes it easier for you to provide us with more information about the extent of abuse and reduces the time it takes to do so,” the company said in a blog post on Monday.

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The first benefit is that now investigations will take less time. Secondly, safety team members will no longer be required to scour the profile of a user for abusive tweets, and there won’t be any queues since users will not be required to send multiple reports that at times end up with different staff members handling them.

When users report multiple tweets at once, the safety team will be able to review them in context and reach accurate conclusions quickly. They will be able to determine exactly what happened, where things went wrong, what the right action should be, and who is to be held responsible for it.

More features to accompany future updates

Twitter has long been facing criticism from vocal critics who disapproved of its attitude toward mediation in user interactions to prevent personal attacks. Even former CEO Dick Costolo clearly stated a year ago that the micro-blogging company was not efficient at dealing with user abuse. Twitter’s latest move can be seen as an apt response to all the critics.

Twitter stated that in future updates, it will introduce more safety and security features, but it did not state what those updates may be or when they might be rolled out. Users will be required to keep an eye on Twitter’s official safety center because this is where the company will detail and explain the new safety updates.

In the coming weeks, the company will roll out the multiple tweet reporting update for all users on the iOS, Android and web versions of its apps worldwide.

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