Twitter Adds Conversation Ranking And Direct Reply Count Feature

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Twitter has now added a reply counter and “conversation ranking” to its mobile app to identify the most relevant discussion on the top of the tweet thread. Tweet threads are one of the most popular conversation modes, allowing users to express themselves in 140 characters. However, it has not been very easy to identify the most relevant tweet of all.

Easy to enter and join conversation

The new feature will not impact how a Twitter account is used, but the chronological order of the tweets will no longer be available. Conversation ranking sorts the tweets in such a way that the reply to a tweet by the poster appears at the top followed by tweets of the person whom the user follows. Further, the feature will group various conversations in different sub-conversations that make sense within their own text, notes Engadget.

The number of people who have replied to a particular tweet will now reflect on the reply button placed just below the tweet. The number of replies will show how many users have directly replied to the tweet and not the total number of tweets contained within the long conversation.

In a blog post, Twitter said, “Conversations are happening all the time on Twitter—and it all starts with just one reply to a Tweet. It’s easy to follow and join conversations: We show you the most interesting content in the conversations first, and it’s easy to follow along with what people are saying.”

Not such a good year for Twitter

Twitter’s new move will help it cut out some of the noise and spam that is in abundance on social media, putting the focus on tweets that are trending and fun to read. The new feature will be available on the Android and iOS apps.

Meanwhile, the company has decided to identify and take strict action against abuse on the platform and launched a new tool that will allow users to filter out the abusive content. Despite various new features launched by Twitter, this year has not been very impressive for the social networking website. There have been rumors of the company being considered for sell-off. Further, the company announced that it will scrap Vine, the app that allows users to record and share quick videos which can be played in a loop.

On Tuesday, Twitter shares closed down 0.6% at $18.19. Year to date, the stock is down more than 21%, while in the last six months, it is up more than 20%.

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