Twitter Starts A New Campaign To Explain Itself

Twitter Starts A New Campaign To Explain Itself

Twitter has taken on its biggest challenge of clarifying its ten-year-old service to the world. Twitter’s new chief marketing officer, Leslie Berland, has taken up this challenge with the aim of expanding Twitter’s user growth by explaining why the platform is a useful tool.

Why does Twitter need to explain itself?

Twitter’s key service has undeniably left a major mark on modern communications, going as far as raising support for extensive political developments like the Arab Spring in 2010 and 2011. At a time when most of celebrities, marketers and journalists have rapidly grabbed the value of Twitter as a social platform and source for distributing and consuming information and freedom of expression, half of the world is still unaware of it.

According to Twitter’s own research, 90% of the population is well aware and familiar with the brand, but unfortunately, they don’t use it. Maybe they are unaware of its purpose, or they think they are supposed to tweet every day.

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For several quarters, Twitter’s user growth has been unable to match Wall Street expectations. The company hit a substantial wall during last year’s fourth quarter when it added no new monthly active users. This was Twitter’s first flat quarter since its IPO in 2013. It’s being regularly compared to the social media giant Facebook, whose user and revenue growth seems unstoppable.

Not much success so far

Twitter has tried hard to counter the issues it is facing, for example, by presenting some of the very interesting and engrossing tweets on its homepage to visitors who are not signed in. In October, Twitter introduced “Moments,” a new section for highlighting trending topics and tweets.

At that time, the company told The Verge that its aim is to pull in diverse users by connecting them to their interests like sports and celebrities rather than hooking them on the service itself. However, it has not been able to achieve much success so far.

How does Twitter plan to explain itself?

Now the micro-blogging site is trying again by explaining itself with more clarity. Berland, who after spending several years at American Express joined the micro-blogging website in January, revealed Twitter’s newest effort to show the world something it has struggled with for years.

“We understand the importance of explaining ourselves and the clarifications to do about our website,” Berland explained about her new campaign in a blog post.

Twitter has released two short videos. One is about its service in general, and the other explains how helpful it can be for following politics. The company plans more promotional activity under the campaign.

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