Twitter Breaks 2 Tweet Records, Thanks To Brazil vs. Germany

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has already benefited tremendously by flexing its muscles during the World Cup games, and now, the company has already broken its last record. Germany handed Brazil a big-time defeat seven to one, sending ripples throughout the soccer world—and also through social media, apparently.

Most talked-about sporting event in Twitter history

Twitter saw about 36.6 million tweets about the World Cup game between Germany and Brazil yesterday. The micro-blogging company said the game became its most talked-about sporting event ever, even surpassing this year’s Super Bowl when there were 24.9 million tweets about it.

The peak of the conversation yesterday hit when German player Sami Khedira scored his team’s fifth goal. At that moment, Twitter saw more than 580,000 tweets per minute. That was also a new record for tweets per minute. Other peak moments during the game were when German player Toni Kroos scored his team’s second and third goals. Twitter also determined that player Miroslav Klose was the most-mentioned World Cup player on its micro-blogging platform. He broke a record in a game against Brazil, scoring his 16th World Cup finals goal.

The previous World Cup record regarding tweets was set during the game between Brazil and Chile, which generated 16.4 million tweets and 382,000 tweets per minute.

World Cup beats Miley Cyrus

The Guardian points out just how quickly Twitter has grown. To put today’s new records into perspective, in 2012, when Usain Bolt ran his 200 meter sprint to take the goal, there were 80,000 tweets per minute. Current President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention hit 52,756 tweets per minute.

Last year when Beyonce performed during the Super Bowl halftime show, there were 268,000 tweets per minute. Miley Cyrus’s infamous performance during the MTV Video Music Awards hit 360,000 tweets per minute. And this week’s previous record had already beaten the number of tweets per minute her raunchy twerking with Robin Thicke raked in.

Shares of Twitter rose as much as 2% in regular trading today.

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