Track Your iPhone X Flight In Real-Time Using FlightAware

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The iPhone X was recently announced as Apple’s pioneering new handset, and the November 3 launch is highly anticipated by fans around the globe. The phone is currently available for pre-order, and if you’re planning on purchasing the phone and are eager to learn exactly when it will arrive, tracking tools like FlightAware are particularly useful.


Though it is possible to track your order with UPS, the limited information provided has a tendency to leave consumers frustrated. FlightAware is well-knownd for allowing purchasers to track their order in real-time, creating peace of mind while indicating exactly when your item will arrive. Below is an outline of the two simple steps which are necessary to effectively track the delivery progress of your iPhone X.

  1. Once your iPhone has been dispatched, you’ll be provided with an UPS tracking number. This will be supplied alongside an exact “departure scan” time, which indicates the departure time of the flight your phone is traveling on. Make a note of this time because it is important for the next step.
  2. By entering that time here, you’ll be given additional details about your flight. Click on the flight number shown, and FlightAware will show exactly where your aircraft is and provide an expected arrival time. If you check prior to your flight’s departure, you’ll be given information on the flight’s scheduled departure and arrival time, which may differ from what actually happens. To discover an updated, real-time of arrival, remember to search as the flight is in progress.

It literally couldn’t get any easier, with apps like FlightAware capable of pulling information from multiple sources to give an accurate arrival time for your iPhone X. Whether you’re a strong advocate of technology or simply can’t wait for your new phone to arrive, the technology offered by iPhone X tracking apps like FlightAware creates peace of mind and provides an accurate arrival time for your product.

Enthusiasts recently received good news regarding their pre-orders when Apple said it could satisfy customer demand by supplying their new product faster than expected. With improved delivery dates, you’ll receive your iPhone X quicker than anticipated if you’ve preordered it. With demand that’s been labeled as “off the charts”, consumers are advised to pre-order the phone to guarantee they receive it, though Apple has stated there will be a limited quantity available in stores on November 3.

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