Tor Olav Troim Ira Sohn Conference [LIVE]

Tor Olav Troim Ira Sohn Conference [LIVE]

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Tor Olav Troim Ira Sohn Conference [LIVE]

Tor Olav Troim has served as Vice President and director of Seadrill since its inception in May 2005. His career includes Equity Portfolio Manager with Storebrand ASA (1987-1990) and Chief Executive Officer for the Norwegian Oil Company DNO AS (1992-1995). Tor Olav Troim has also been a director of Archer Limited since its incorporation in 2007. Tor Olav Troim is also a director of Golar, Golar LNG Partners LP (listed on the Nasdaq Global Market), Golden Ocean (also listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange), Aktiv Kapital ASA and Marine Harvest ASA. He served as a director of Frontline from November 1997 until February 2008 and has served as a director of Frontline 2012 Ltd. since December 2011.

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Tor Olav Troim Ira Sohn Conference Live

4:49 PM EST: Olav Troim is on now

4:54 PM EST: Troim says drilling is the best business we know, there’s enough oil in the ground, but there needs to be more work done to build drills able to get it.

4:58 PM EST: The drilling industry needs to be shaken up, it’s been complacent for far too long.

4:59 PM EST: Drilling is highly beneficial for oil companies

5:00 PM EST: Oil is no longer a quickly growing commodity, oil companies are being forced to drill in deep water.

5:01 PM EST: Troim sees a rig shortage hitting the industry in the next five years.

5:02 PM EST: Stock Recommendation Seadrill Ltd (NYSE:SDRL).

5:03 PM EST: Seadrill Ltd (NYSE:SDRL) stock up 0.08% after market. Troim doesn’t have Chanos’ pull.

5:05 PM EST: Troim says he likes stocks with a yield of 8.8%. Seadrill Ltd (NYSE:SDRL) should have room to raise its dividend in the next three years.

5:06 PM EST: There’s plays in Natural Gas from Troim as well.

Troim’s presentation is finished.

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