Top Dividend Stocks Yielding 5 Percent Or More

0, the #1 source for dividend investing, published an article today, April 9th, highlighting the 287 stocks of all sizes that currently offer a dividend above 5%. The list includes high-yielding dividend stocks of all types, including large cap, mid cap, small cap and micro cap U.S. stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), master limited partnerships (MLPs), American Depository Receipts (ADRs), and Exchange-Traded Products (both ETFs and ETNs).

U.S. large and mid cap dividend stocks

High-yielding U.S. large cap dividend stocks are led by Seadrill Ltd (NYSE:SDRL) (11.21%), CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE:CTL) (6.45%) and AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) (5.16%). U.S. mid cap stocks on’s list include Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) (11.63%), Pengrowth Energy Corp (NYSE:PGH) (7.7%) and Vector Group Ltd (NYSE:VGR) (7.52%).

U.S. small and micro cap stocks

The top yielding small cap dividend stocks as of 4/4/2014 are Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (NYSE:CHKR) (25.33%), Sandridge Permian Trust (19.57%) and Enduro Royalty Trust (12.06%). Top performing micro cap dividend stocks include SandRidge Mississippian Trust II (NYSE:SDR) (31.93%), Sandridge Mississippian Trust I (NYSE:SDT) (30.96%) and Tower Group Inc. (24.91%).

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The REIT with the highest dividend as of 4/4/2014 is Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp (NYSE:WMC) with a yield of 23.32%. The second best performer is Resource Capital Corp. (NYSE:RSO) at 14.31%, and American Capital Mortgage Investment Crp (NASDAQ:MTGE) is in third place with a dividend yield of 13.78%.


The MLP with the highest current dividend stock is Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC (NYSE:OZM) (13.53%). PetroLogistics LP is right behind with a dividend yield of 13.28%, and Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ:EROC) rounds out third place with a current yield of 11.76%.


The ADR with the highest yield on the list was Oi SA with a sweet 25.36% yield. In second place was Administradora de Fondos de Pensiones Provida S.A. (Chile) ADR with a strong 13.67% yield, and Hong Kong Television Network Ltd had the third highest dividend yield at 12.52%.


The highest yielding ETF/ETN was DBX Strategic Advisors MSCI Brazil Currency-Hedged Equity Fund which currently yields an impressive 20.14%. The second highest dividend in the exchange-traded sector was Credit Suisse AG – Credit Suisse Silver Shares Covered Call Exchange Traded Notes at 15.95%, and iShares FTSE NAREIT Mortgage REITs Index Fund rounded out the top three with a dividend yield of 15.77%.

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