Top 5 News Stories Of The Week

Top 5 News Stories Of The Week
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1. Twitter

If you were paying attention to your Twitter (TWTR) feed this past Monday you probably made out like a bandit. Retailers took advantage of Twitter’s advertising capabilities to promote deals and sales throughout the holiday shopping weekend. Not only did eager shoppers take note of this, but top analysts also recognized Twitter’s strategic advertising move and they are recommending BUY TWTR.

Carlson Capital Tells Investors: Twitter Still Has Tremendous Upside [Exclusive]

Black DiamondCarlson Capital's Double Black Diamond Fund returned 85 basis points net in August, bringing its year-to-date net return to 4.51%. According to a copy of the fund's September update, which ValueWalk has been able to review, its equity relative value and event-driven strategies outperformed during the month, contributing 131 basis points to overall P&L. Double Read More

2. eBay

While brick and mortars enjoyed lively foot traffic on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, online retailer eBay (EBAY) reaped the benefits of Cyber Monday.  eBay experienced a 38.7% growth in sales year over year, beating Amazon at only 34.7% growth. And the company gained significant market share following the big shopping weekend. Based on these holiday results the top analysts are in agreement and they all recommend BUY EBAY.

3. Apple

Another winner of the holiday shopping weekend was Apple (AAPL). With their desirable products in hot demand Apple stores and certified retailers saw sales skyrocket for their various iPads and iPhones. Just as loyal Apple customers are eager to buy more products, top analysts are highly recommending BUY AAPL for your financial portfolio.

4. JC Penney

JC Penney (JCP) also benefited from a surge in traffic flow over the holiday shopping weekend. And while there appears to be strong same-store sales increase this past month, analysts are not sure it is enough to turnaround the company. Analysts advise SELL or HOLD JCP, but make sure to review their past recommendations before you choose whose advice to follow.

5. Krispy Kreme Donuts

With donuts as the latest food trend the smell of freshly fried dough might always be in the air. Krispy Kreme Donuts(KKD)has benefited from this new sugar craze and stores are doing better than ever. Analysts recommend you rush out and BUY KKD and the freshest batch of treats you can find.

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