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Tips for Staying Safe While Shopping on Black Friday

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If you are going out shopping for the Black Friday TV deals that you have been seeing for weeks now, you want to stay safe. So after you’ve scanned BFAds for the best tv deals and have your shopping list ready to check off, here are some tips that you can use for staying safe during the holiday season while you’re out and about.

Safety Tips While On the Road

When you are heading out to do your shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, the first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you are safe on the road. So here are some tips to stay safe on the road from the Vanwey Law website.

  • Remain patient – A lot of times, you might get upset when you’re rushing around and there is a lot of traffic. If you’re getting annoyed, breathe deeply and stay as patient as possible.
  • Don’t speed – You aren’t going to be getting the hot deals if you have a car accident. It’s not worth it to speed. Keep yourself and the other people on the road safe by driving at the posted speed limit.
  • Get rid of distractions – It’s tempting to text while you are driving but its’ also really dangerous. If you text while you drive, you are going to increase your chances of being in a bad car accident by 23 times more than a driver who isn’t texting. It’s always better not to use your phone at all or to use a hands free device for your phone so you can keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Watch for the pedestrians – When you are going to a shopping center, you are going to find a lot of people who are walking. They are there looking for the deals, same as you are, so make sure that you are especially careful and keep an eye out for anyone who might suddenly walk behind your car.


Safety Tips While In the Parking Lot

A lot of accidents happen in parking lots, everything from shopping carts hitting cars to people being struck by cars. So here are some tips for staying safe while in a parking lot from the Trusted Choice website.

  • Anytime you are backing out from parking spaces, look around cars that are waiting on your spot, other cars that are also backing out, and motorists speeding down the aisles and lanes.
  • Roll up all of your windows and lock all of your doors, even when you’re leaving your car for short periods of time.
  • When you’re shopping, hide your gifts where no one can see them, such as in your car’s trunk. Put the packages into your trunk before you have departed a parking lot and then gone to another. When you wait until the next stop, you are going to show everyone what you purchased at your last stop and then you’ll leave your car, allowing them time to steal your purchases.
  • Don’t park next to large trucks and vans that will block your space from others’ general vision.
  • Write down or make note of where you have parked your car. This is going to help you avoid walking around aimlessly.
  • When shopping during the day, don’t park near buildings so you have less chance of your car getting dinged by shopping carts or car doors. When shopping at night, stay away from secluded sections, parking directly beneath lights if you can.
  • When you exit a store, have your keys out. Also, take a look beneath your car before you get to it.
  • Bring your purchases inside your house rather than leaving them inside your car.


Safety Tips While In the Store

Everyone knows how crazy things can get on the day after Thanksgiving when everyone is trying to get the best deals. So here are some tips from the WKYC website on staying safe.

  • Shop during the daytime if you can. If you’re shopping after dark, don’t shop alone.
  • Dress comfortably and casually.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry.
  • Don’t carry a wallet or purse if possible.
  • Have your driver’s license or ID, cash, credit card, or check with you.
  • Be alert to the people and things around you.
  • Don’t carry a lot of cash.
  • Use debit or credit cards when you can.
  • Put cash in front pockets.
  • If your card’s lost, misused, or stolen, notify the issuer immediately.
  • Keep records of card numbers at home in a secure spot.
  • Be careful when carrying a purse or wallet. You are going to be a prime criminal target in crowded stores, bus stops, on trains, on buses, or in transportation terminals.
  • Don’t carry a lot of packages. You want to be able to see where you are going and be able to freely move.
  • Beware when any strangers are approaching you, no matter the reason. There are a lot of con-artists that will try different distraction methods so they can take your belongings or money.


Try to be as courteous as you can to the other shoppers and to the staff who are serving you. That alone can make the trip more pleasant for everyone – and that could make this major shopping day into a great kickoff for a fun holiday season.

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