Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler Shows Las Vegas Of 2120

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Self-proclaimed time traveler – known as Noah – is now back again in the news, this time with a video that he claims is Las Vegas in 2120. Noah came into the picture earlier this year when he went through a lie detector test while talking about his time-traveling escapades.

Las Vegas in 2120 covered in red clouds

Noah uploaded the video on the Apex TV YouTube channel stating that he just arrived from a “failed mission” and that he wants to “spread the truth” about the reality of global warming. In the video, Noah claims that he took two stops, one in 2060 and one in 2120. The video is 16 minutes long and at the end of it, Noah takes out his phone to show the video clip of time travel.

The footage seems to be taken from the top of a building with flying cars around, but the sky is filled with red clouds. Noah says that the red clouds are due to global warming, adding that 2120 is incredibly hot.

Most all called Noah’s claim a bluff, and many pointed out how could he use the same phone in the future. Another user stated that it’s a hoax and if the video was from the future, Noah would have decided to show us the whole area rather than just the limited clip.

Earlier this year, when Noah first appeared with time travel claims, he said that he traveled from 2030, and claimed to know exactly what would be coming in the future. He said that Donald Trump would get re-elected in 2020 and there would be a revolution in Artificial Intelligence. Also, powerful computers would be worn like Google-style glasses.

Previously, Noah also claimed he was a high school student when he met with government agents to know that time travel goes beyond science fiction. He claims he was then admitted to a top-secret program and made a successful career as a time traveler based in 2030. However, he got stranded in the wrong year.

Noah says that he has a family in 2018, but they fail to recognize the future version of himself. He added that meeting his parents would trigger a chain reaction and may change the course of the future.

Another time traveler, but same story

Just a month ago, another alleged time traveler named James Oliver claimed that he arrived from the year 6491. He also passed a lie detector test with flying colors. Speaking to ApexTV, Oliver claimed that his time machine is broken and he is stuck in 2018. When asked about the location of his time machine, Oliver would not share any information.

Oliver even claims that he is from another planet, but he looks human and speaks in flawless English. His planet is far away from the sun and the years are different there.

“But we have very gifted mathematicians working day and night… to calculate the relationship between our years and the years of the various different planets and civilisations that we research. After those calculations are complete, I’m from your year 6491,” he said.

Oliver added that global warming is a big threat to the future of the Earth. To address global warming, Oliver recommends that America should get back in the Paris treaty.

Time traveler working for UK?

Another alleged time traveler last month claimed that he is a former employee for the UK government, and traveled to the year 2365 after he was offered €200,000 by Whitehall to learn about the future and how to make it better. Posting an online video, the man claimed that he gave up most of his adult life working for the UK government and testing future advanced technology.

He added that although the government is still to find out how time travel works, they are deploying techniques to conduct significant research. “People in the Government aren’t exactly sure how things work; paradoxes can happen. All they know is that time travel is possible and we’ve figured out ways of doing it. I can tell you for a fact that time travel does exist within factions of the British Government,” he said.

Further, the self-proclaimed time traveler stated that he saw a series of futuristic modes of transport including flying cars and buses in the year 2365, although he does not know which city he was in. He added that there were long modes and short ones of transportation, including buses and cars. “I remember receiving a few strange looks from people in the cars that were looking at me,” he said.

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