Tim Geithner May Replace Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman

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Tim Geithner May Replace Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman

FOX Business Network (FBN) Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino reports that Wall Street executives close to Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner say that he could be the next Federal Reserve Chairman to replace Ben Bernanke. Gasparino went on to report, that Bernanke will most likely leave “in the next year or so.”

On whether Geithner will replace Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman:

“This is from Wall Street executives at the CEO level, with, I would say ties to the White House. And here’s what they are saying – that don’t discount Geithner as the next Fed Chairman to replace Ben Bernanke. As you know, Bernanke is likely to leave, and a lot of people speculate in the next year or so – he’s basically signaled as much as that he wants out -people think at the end of 2013 he might be out. Who’s going to replace him? We hear Janet Yellen name around a lot. But I could tell you I’m starting to hear this from Wall Street executives that are close to Geithner, close to the White House.  They’re saying don’t discount him. Now we should point out that Geithner has told people he really doesn’t want the job. But I’m telling you, you’ve heard that in the past. I mean I remember Hank Paulson told President Bush about four times that he didn’t want the job as Treasury Secretary, back in 2006 and guess what – when the President tells you, please – It’s almost telling we need you – you take the job. And I’ll tell you that’s what a lot of people on Wall Street think is going to happen here.”

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