YY Soars; Tiger Global Up over 200 Percent on Holding

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Tiger Global

Daily Gainers: Tiger Global

The stock price of YY Inc. (NASDAQ:YY) got a boost today, increasing +5.32% to $43.93. The online social platform has a 0.69% allocation in the Tiger Global portfolio. The fund holds more than 1.4 million YY shares after selling off more than two million last quarter. Tiger Global paid $13.03 per share, meaning a gain of +237.5% in this position.

Following YY Inc. is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE:HIG), which today climbed +4.63% to $32.10. The financial stock is in many billionaires’ portfolios. David Tepper holds 4.1 million HIG shares, representing 1.85% of his fund and purchased at an average price of $18.62 each. Another investor with a position in HIG is John Paulson, who owns 5.9 million shares (1.30% of his portfolio), bought at an average price of $23.89.

The third firm with a major gain is Matson, Inc. (NYSE:MATX), which operates an ocean freight carrier in the Pacific. Matson’s stock is up +4.52% ($26.14) following Stifel’s upgrade of the company to a “buy” rating. This came as a nice bit of news for Bill Ackman, who owns 203,000 MATX shares, representing 0.05% of his fund and paid for at an average $19.25 per-share price. That being said, it would have been much better piece of information for the billionaire a few months back – he sold off 93% of his assets last quarter.

Daily Losers

Topping off our list of losers today is Pretium Resources Inc. (NYSE:PVG) (TSE:PVG), its price down -29.25% to $4.77. The cause of a plummet: the resignation of Strathcona Mineral Services, which the company had engaged as an independent consultant, from its Valley of the Kings gold project. The only billionaire tracked by iBillionaire affected by this is Seth Klarman, who holds 156,000 shares. This position represents only 0.03% in his portfolio, which is likely a good thing for the billionaire considering he’s down -33.43% overall with PVG, having paid an average per-share price of $7.21.

A second firm that struggled today is Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SRPT). The biopharmaceutical company dipped -11.23%, reaching $44.43. This one affected George Soros’ portfolio, as the billionaire holds 426,000 shares. Soros has gone about increasing his position in SRPT over the past year. In September 2012, he owned only 80,000 shares, just 18% of what he holds today. Soros paid an average price of $19.18 per asset.

The last firm on our list of losers today is NovaCopper Inc. (NYSEMKT:NCQ) (TSE:NCQ), an exploration-stage company. Despite reporting solid financial results, the stock dropped -9.24% to $1.77. This came as a hit to two of our billionaires: Seth Klarman and John Paulson. Klarman holds five million NCQ shares, representing 0.22% of his fund. What’s more, Klarman paid an average price of $3.24 per share, almost twice today’s price. Paulson owns 5.9 million shares (0.07% of his portfolio), which cost him an average $3.33.

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