This iPad Case Bubbles Up Keys for Improved Typing

This iPad Case Bubbles Up Keys for Improved Typing

The iPad Mini just got another accessory that will improve the way tablet users type on the device, but it won’t arrive until summer

A revolutionary iPad Mini case called Phorm creates small bubbles over the keyboard with a single pull of the slider. This handy case will offer users an alternative to heavy keyboard cases.

The new Phorm iPad case is exclusively available to iPad Mini owners right now; the plastic case comes complete with a keyboard and screen protector. It adds a thin layer to protect the device. Users who want to type on the keyboard can pull the switch on the back, and the small bubbles will rise like a bubble rising above each key. Flip the switch back for the bubble to flatten.

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A look at Phorm’s design

The bubbles are called optically-cleared buttons that are activated by microfluidic technologies. The tiny channels filled with fluid and reside underneath a tactile layer of plastic.

Tablet computers are losing ground to phablets and larger smartphones, but many people still use tablets for daily activities. One problem many experienced with tablet computers is the touchscreen keyboard. The screen uses light taps instead of presses and it is easy to make typos. Even with autocorrect features and swipe-to-spell apps, typing on tablets is a bit of a challenge.

Phorm’s technology received positive reception

There are already dozens of iPad cases on the market, some of which come with physical keyboards. The one thing Phorm’s maker Tactus Technology thinks the device is all about the simplicity of use. The accessory helped users improve typing by accuracy and speed. Those who are interested in Phorm will have to pay $99 if they want to pre-order it now, or they can wait to pay $149 later on this year after it ships.

The Phorm made an appearance at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, and it made quite a splash.

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