The Republican War Against Women And Children

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The Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe vs. Wade was the final victory in the Republican Party’s decades long war against women and children – especially those who are poor. And former president Donald Trump – who nominated three of the “prolife” Supreme Court Justices with a strong assist from Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell – deserves most of the credit.

Not Making The Lives Of Women And Children Great Again

Regretfully, this Supreme Court decision will not make the lives of vast numbers of women and children great again. Surely, the pre-teenage girls who were raped by a relative or perhaps a stranger, will now be forced to carry their babies to term and will not be looking forward to very wonderful lives.

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And what about the women with dangerous pregnancies who can no longer get abortions that could save their lives? What about their right to life?

These freedom-loving American patriots apparently have no problem forcing women to give birth to children they don’t want, and then make no effort to help them escape life sentences of poverty. And the federal government should not help them either. That would be government overreach.

The murder of the nineteen young children and two teachers in Yvalde, Texas just weeks ago was another biproduct of the Republican war against women and children. Clearly, the right to bear arms far outweighs the value of the lives of those killed by deranged shooters.

There appears to be just a little bit of inconsistency here. The right to life of fetuses – even at their moment of conception – apparently exceeds that of their mothers. And the lives of school children and other victims of mass shootings are far less important than the rights of the gun-owners who killed them.

Today’s Republican Party’s flower of womanhood is represented by their two gun-toting ignoramus Congresswomen -- Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Marjorie Taylor Green of Florida. And the party’s villains are four Democratic Congresswomen – all women of color – who were dubbed “the squad” by Trump.

It’s high-time we call out the Republican Party for what it is – a mob of bigots, liars, morons, and murderers. But perhaps I’m being too kind.