The Next Generation of Billionaires Will Be Made in This Industry

The Next Generation of Billionaires Will Be Made in This Industry
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Space stocks are among the best stocks to buy today

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Yesterday, Blue Origin flew Jeff Bezos more than 60 miles above the Earth to allow the billionaire to see the planet from space.

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A little less than two weeks ago, Virgin Galactic did the same thing with its billionaire founder, Richard Branson, and a crew.

These successful flights mark two of the biggest space-related accomplishments in human history.

Just sit back and think about it. For the first time ever, we are flying “regular” folks into space on a Disneyland-like trip. That’s the stuff of dreams – and now, those dreams are becoming a reality.

And yet, despite the magnitude of these events, Wall Street is dumping space stocks.

Since the Branson flight, Virgin Galactic (SPCE) stock has lost a third of its value. Peer rocket company, Astra (ASTR), has shed 32%. Space telecom pioneer AST SpaceMobile (ASTS) is down 10%. Satellite company Maxar (MAXR) is down 10%, too.

What’s going on?

To be frank, irrationality – Wall Street is being unnecessarily short-sighted and entirely irrational when it comes to space stocks.

Investors are looking at the space-flights of Bezos and Branson and broadly labeling them as overhyped events that don’t actually impact any of these companies’ top- or bottom-lines – and which should therefore be discredited and not priced into the stock prices as a positive.

But that’s such a two-dimensional and basic way of looking at the Bezos and Branson flights.

The significance of those flights isn’t the flights themselves – rather, it’s the foundation they create for further advancement of the Space Economy.

As Branson said when he was in space:

“To the next-generation of dreamers: If we can do this, just imagine what you can do.”

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin successfully flying regular folks into space, when paired with multiple successful rocket launches from Astra, SpaceX, and RocketLab USA, shows that rocket technology has progressed significantly over the past decade – and is now at a point where we can realistically, quickly, safely, and (somewhat) cost-effectively fly people and things into space.

That’s the starting point for humans to colonize and commercialize space – which, make no mistake about it, will create a huge economic opportunity.

Over the next several years, companies of all sorts will start throwing hundreds of satellites on these rockets that fly them into space, where they will perform various functions.

Some of these satellites will collect geospatial imagery to paint an always-on, 360-degree view of the surface of the planet – which will help inform military and defense operations, natural disaster waring and preparation, plane and cargo transit tracking, and even self-driving cars (yes, satellite imagery will be a big data input for self-driving models).

Some of these satellites will collect GPS radio occultation data, which is radio signal data that leverages space-based atmospheric density readings to improve weather forecasting.

Some of these satellites – like the ones being built by AST SpaceMobile – will beam high-speed cellular broadband connectivity to cellphones all across the globe without needing any land towers.

Some of these satellites will try to mine asteroids and transport water and rare minerals back to Earth.

Some of these satellites will create new manufacturing plants in space that leverage the unique conditions of space – no gravity being the biggest one – to more easily and quickly make certain heavy objects.

Some of these satellites will be solar panels that capture a ton of solar energy in space and beam it back to Earth.

Some of these satellites will help in the construction of space hotels, space apartments, and other space-based accommodations that will inevitably become a thing as human interest in going to space grows in the coming years.

The opportunity in space – like space itself – is infinite.

Wall Street is taking the 2-foot-view on these opportunities, and selling space stocks as part of a near-term “buy the news, sell the rumor” trading dynamic. Oh well… you can make good money doing that…

But the great money will be made by buying and holding these space economy pioneers that are on the verge of creating a multi-trillion-dollar economic opportunity in the final frontier.

You have to take the 50-mile-view.

The next billionaires will be made in space – and the boom starts now. To give yourself a chance of being one of those uber-lucky folks, you need to ignore Wall Street’s shenanigans and buy the dip in today’s most promising space companies.

With that in mind, let me introduced you to my ultra-exclusive research advisory The Daily 10X Stock Report.

For readers who are unaware, The Daily 10X Stock Report is a super-unique service where I do the unthinkable: Every single day the market is open, I give away one hypergrowth stock pick with the potential to soar 10X in value.

A lot of the stocks I highlight in The Daily 10X have been and will continue to be space stocks.

Like Virgin Galactic (SPCE), which has soared as much as 313% since I highlighted it on June 30…

And Maxar (MAXR), which has soared as much as 236% since I highlighted it on June 9…

I firmly believe that the next generation of billionaires will be made in space. The economic opportunities are that big. Not surprisingly, I think there are dozens upon dozens of 10X investment opportunities hiding in plain sight in this industry.

The time to buy those stocks for life-changing returns is now.

So… what’re you waiting for? Click here, and find out how to get your piece of the $1.7 TRILLION Space Economy.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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