The Mac Mini Isn’t Dead According To Tim Cook

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If you are a fan of the Mac Mini then you have probably noticed that it has been 3 years since the device got an update. In computer terms; that’s a lifetime. Meanwhile, Apple updates their iPhone, iPad, and Macbook lineups every single year. It would seem, as an outsider looking in, that Apple is planning for the demise of the Mac Mini. So, imagine our surprise when Tim Cook responds to an email saying that the Mac Mini isn’t dead.

Tim Cook Replies To Customer Emails?!

MacRumors was passed along an email from an Apple fan to Tim Cook where the fan wonders whether the Mac Mini will get a refresh. Tim Cook, being the good guy that he is, takes the time out of his day to respond to the Apple fan and assures them that Mac Mini will play a role in their product plans moving forward. He declined to provide any details beyond that statement.

This is big news for two reasons… First, Tim Cook replies to emails from fans. I mean, I’m sure it was an intern or something but it came from Tim Cook’s email address and that’s pretty cool. Secondly, he clearly has something up his sleeve but he’s not about to let the cat out of the bag now.

The Mac Mini May Not Be Dead, But Does It Have A Purpose?

It wouldn’t be surprising if the email Tim Cook had sent said something like, “Hey, glad you love the Mac Mini but no one buys desktop units anymore so go buy a Macbook now please.” Instead, he has given hope for the dozens of Mac Mini fans out there. It will be interesting to see what the new Mac Mini update has in store. The Mac Mini fits in a very weird spot for computing power. If you’re a pro video editor then you have a Mac Pro. If you want some power and portability then you get a Macbook. The Mac Mini is basically a Macbook without the portability or practicality.

However, in an age where people are increasingly using their PCs as multimedia devices for their homes, there may be a role for the Mac Mini to play. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be portable or powerful. Perhaps the Mac Mini can be the home entertainment PC you have always dreamed of.

Of course, that’s all speculation on my part. Until this, most of us figured the Mac Mini was dead and Apple was simply waiting for stock to run out before announcing it. There are very few rumors regarding the Mac Mini on which to go from. If a refresh is in the works, we will have to just wait and see what Apple has in store.

Your Thoughts On The Mac Mini

Are you a Mac Mini fan? Do you think the Mac Mini has a place in modern households that are full of mobile devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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