The Last Of Us 2 PS4 At E3 2018: What We Know So Far

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The Last Of Us 2 PS4 release is one of the most exciting games said to be making an appearance at E3 2018. But what do we know about the game thus far?

The Last Of Us 2 PS4 brings another entry to the beautiful plot and gameplay we saw with the original storyline. At the end of the first game, both the story and engaging gameplay left people aching for more, and while discussion had surfaced about a follow-up, developer Naughty Dog had stated that they were deciding to focus more on the development of the Uncharted franchise.

When Sony announced the Last of Us Part 2 PS4 release at PSX 2016, the internet went crazy. Joel and Ellie would return as the game’s protagonist, but the game would take on a darker theme than the previous title. Co-director Neil Druckmann has stated that the game’s story will focus around “hate”, which is a big departure from the early game’s focus on love and survival. Additionally, the Last Of Us Part 2 PS4 release will put us in control of Ellie rather than Joel, which is an interesting change that should give us more insight into her character.

The Last Of Us 2
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A second trailer was released at Paris Games Week 2017, and it featured four new characters: Yara, Lev, Emily, and a character played by actress Laura Bailey. The trailer did a decent job at showing their existence, but outside of that, we didn’t have much information as to what role these new characters would play in the storyline, exactly.

Fortunately, it appears that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson will be reprising their roles as Joel and Ellie, which is good news considering how integral they were to the creation of the original game. The music of The Last Of Us, was also beautiful and continues to be well-loved to this day, and composer Gustavo Santaolalla will be returning to develop the soundtrack for The Last Of Us 2 PS4.

As for what exactly we’ll see regarding the game at the E3 2018 press conference, we don’t know too much about specifics. Sony has stated, however, that they will be discussing the game in detail at the event – a promising suggestion that we’ll finally get some key information about how the story and gameplay will play out.

One of the biggest things we hope to see with The Last Of Us Part 2 PS4 discussion at E3 is some more information about the gameplay. We have an adequate idea as to the characters and the theme of the game, and adding too much more information about story would potentially spoil the plot of a story-centric game. What we’d like to see is some examples of gameplay so we can see where it improves upon the combat and exploration of the original title.

Also interesting to think about is whether Naughty Dog will include multiplayer modes with The Last Of Us 2 PS4 release. While the focus of the title was always on the single player experience first and foremost, the multiplayer online mode was exciting and it would be cool to see something like that added for the sequel. A zombie battle royale mode, perhaps?

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