The iPhone X Gold – Worth The Extra Money?

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The iPhone X is heralded as the phone of the future, and it remains one of the most anticipated handsets since the original iPhone hit the market ten years ago. The rebooted iPhone was a major gamble for Apple, which appears to have paid off as millions of consumers from around the world have pre-ordered the phone, while others queue up outside stores in the hope of getting their hands on one.

The new handset doesn’t have a home button like the older models, and fans were shocked to hear Apple has totally changed the design. Since reviewers have had the chance to spend some time with the phone, they have widely accepted this is arguably Apple’s greatest handset ever, which is expected given investment and technology advancements. Design changes bring a touch of fresh air to proceedings, and the aesthetically pleasing outlook married with premium performance, extra power, and originality, work together to form the best iPhone Apple has ever manufactured.

One of the biggest downsides with the phone is the price, where the iPhone X retails at $999. I guess you get what you pay for, and if you want something that’s close to perfection, you’re going to have to pay a premium to get it. One of the biggest new features to create hysteria among consumers is the Face ID feature, which utilizes TrueDepth technology to ensure secure facial recognition.

The iPhone X marks a big change in direction for Apple, who are calling their new handset the smartphone of the future. It encapsulates everything they’ve been working to achieve over the past ten years, and this amounts to a flagship product with premium parts, and the capacity to create a brand new user experience. It is no easy task to incorporate and mesh new technology which exists in various forms already, but if anyone is capable of achieving this it’s Apple.

One of the first things you notice about the screen is the 5.8 inch OLED display, which is far superior to its predecessors. This generates sharpness of color, quality, and all-in-all creates a vivid backdrop for the display. Another new feature is bezels, which exist around the edge of the phone to give your fingers somewhere to sit. The Face ID itself has been implemented to replace fingerprint-scanning, and it can be activated by simply placing your head in front of the camera, which scans your face.

Once the phone has taken an image of your face, that’s all it needs to unlock the handset, providing your eyes, mouth, and nose are in view of the camera. The new biometric technology has far exceeded all expectations, compensating for the erratic nature of facial recognition technology of yesteryear. Though there is reason to believe the Face ID doesn’t work as well in direct sunlight, this issue appears to have been exaggerated somewhat, and is easily fixable.

Another feature which has created considerable appeal is the Animoji app, which allows you to create talking emojis using the TrueDepth camera. This is a fun aspect of the phone which can be enjoyed by all the family, where you can become a talking robot, unicorn, cat or other character of your choice. You can send these on to your friends, and the accuracy of the facial mapping required for this to work is phenomenal.

With hysteria mounting in preparation for the iPhone X release, users were surprised to find out you can only purchase the handset in silver or gray. For a device that costs $999, some were expecting a wider variety of color options. Well, for those individuals, Apple has released a new razzle dazzle iPhone X Gold version, which is certainly enough to get heads turning. The 24K iPhone X Gold version is set to retail at $400 more than what is being charged for the regular iPhone X, but for those who can afford it, the exclusive version is highly recommended, providing it suits your preferences.

The iPhone X Gold is essentially the Space Gray version but with a metallic frame that’s polished with 24K gold, but judging how people love things that are shiny and fashionable, it is likely to receive a widespread positive reaction. The iPhone X Gold ships from November 15th, much earlier than if you were to purchase a stock iPhone from Apple currently. Though the price for the iPhone X Gold is generally more, the cost remains cheaper than the current cost of the iPhone with some online retailers.

The iPhone X Gold is a great novelty that will separate you from everyday users, and if it’s something that appeals to your nature, be certain to research online to find out more. The phone has the same features as the stock iPhone, but is much more pleasing on the eye.

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