Texas Man Finds His iPhone In Working Condition After It Fell From Plane

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An iPhone that fell out of a private airplane from a height of 9,300 feet was found in working condition. The phone’s owner used the Find My iPhone app to pinpoint the location where his smartphone was lying. Ben Wilson, owner of the Gas Corporation of America, and his pilot Will Warnock were flying from Houston to Kickapoo Airport in a Beechcraft Bonanza airplane.

The iPhone was ‘in one piece’

When the plane was flying at about 2,835 meters, a pressure change caused the door on the passenger side to open slightly. Ben Wilson told The Wichita Falls Times Record News that he saw the newspaper flying out, but didn’t see the iPhone go. When he reached the airport, he checked for his smartphone in the briefcase and at the plane’s floor, but couldn’t find it.

John Kidwell, VP of sales at Gas Corp of America, said they wondered for a while that it might have been left in a rental car. Then Wilson used his Find My iPhone app and discovered that the device was still alive. They traced its location to Jacksboro, about 50 miles away. On Tuesday, the two set out to find the smartphone. They found it in a rural pasture. The device still worked and was “in one piece,” but there were scratches on the corners, said Wilson.

Morphie case saves Wilson’s iPhone

Wilson’s iPhone was protected by the Morphie battery charger case. Anyway, Apple’s next-gen iPhones will come with a super strong aluminum alloy that probably won’t require casing to survive falling from such a height. The Cupertino-based tech giant will use Series 7000 aluminum alloy in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. This alloy is 60% stronger than the material used in the iPhone 6, but weighs only a third as much as stainless steel.

The iPhone 6S and its big brother will feature 2GB RAM, A9 processor, 12MP main camera, 5MP front snapper, but the same design as current flagship iPhones.


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