Tesla Dominates World’s Top 10 Most Popular Stocks

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Abra, the global investment app, recently launched a new feature that enables investors outside of the US to make fractional investments in stocks and ETFs for the first time. Abra CEO Bill Barhydt is delivering a keynote presentation at Bitcoin 2019 in San Francisco today, where he is unveiling early global investing trends gleaned from thousands of equity holders in 154 countries. The results indicate that decentralized technology has the power to deliver on global financial inclusion and also look at equities specifically the most popular stocks.

For the first time, investors from around the world are able to buy into the global economy despite geographical, technological or economic restrictions. Here are some of the key takeaways:

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  • Accessibility and affordability are the top problems addressed for users
  • Top 10 assets globally include Apple, Google, Alibaba, MSFT, Uber, Berkshire (full list in PDF)
  • Median total investment per user is $49.18
  • Top investments in Russia? Amazon. In Mexico? The S&P 500.  In Canada? Gold.  In Great Britain? Zoom.

According to data, the world is bullish on tech stocks. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) was the outstanding most popular stock with the media investment at 191% higher than the overall media investment on Abra ($71.64 vs $24.65) . South Africa is the leading investor followed by France then Argentina. Tesla was also the most popular stock in the Philippines and Turkey.

Abra believes in the core tenets of cryptocurrency and that bitcoin will become the ultimate collateral asset the world uses to access and invest in other markets.

See the full list of the most popular stocks below - what do you think? Is it a matter of going with the crowd or is high ownership a contrarian signal to stay away? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Most popular stocks worldwide, by country

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