Tesla Motors Model S Offered With Purchase of San Jose, CA Home

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The Model S Sedan that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) offers is nothing short of a gorgeous automobile in addition to its electric nature. In a recent spin on offering potential home buyers a perk to purchase a home, Mohan Mahal is offering the Tesla Model S to anyone who purchases his San Jose, CA home.

Tesla Motors Model S Offered With Purchase of San Jose, CA Home

Home Sales Promotion With Tesla

Realtors and listing agents have long offered incentives but few have gone as far as offering a car that begins a bit over $70,000. That said, it would come as quite a surprise if the listed price of $1.35 million hasn’t risen since the offer of the car was put into the home’s terms. The home is located in the affluent neighborhood of Willow Glen and features an airy back patio, four bedrooms and three bathrooms in addition to the promise of a Tesla. It’s listing price is in line with other homes in the neighborhood, but listing agent Avis Garoutte recently told KGO-TV that the car is drawing even more interest.

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“‘Is it true that there’s a Tesla with the house? Well I’ve got to come and see that,’” said Garoutte when asked about responses.

Owner Seeking Free Publicity For His Business

It should be noted that this promotion is not simple altruism. By doing something different, the home and car’s owner is also getting some “free” publicity. And free publicity for his company. Mr. Mahal is the founder of SIDCO, Sustainable Innovative Design & Construction, which has renovated four homes thus far to top efficiency standards, installing LED lights, and other features that can be seen on the realtor’s virtual tour.

“This is definitely giving me the opportunity to get my word out. Let’s do energy efficient homes, let’s do homes with cars in there, let’s do homes with solar panels,” Mahal told KGO-TV.

New Owner Gets to Pick the Color

Additionally, the buyer won’t actually own the car, but will be entitled to a three year lease that Mr. Mahal has reserved with Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) for the car. The house’s buyer will be allowed to choose the color and the garage is already furnished with an electric charging station that would also work on other electric vehicles if it was determined that the Model S is not for the owner of the house. Something nearly unimaginable given the critical reception of the car by such publications as Consumer Reports and Motor Trend.

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