Tesla Motors Inc CEO Hogs Limelight Again, Tweets Fans Suggestion Letter

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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk acknowledged a full-page ad given by a New York couple in a local Silicon Valley Newspaper on Sunday. Musk said that he is determined to execute many of the changes suggested by this couple.

Suggestions for Tesla

Header of the advertisement was “Automotive visionary, open letter to Elon Musk.” The couple thanked the company for making such a great American car, which is fun, comfortable and has an advanced reliability into a phenomenal driving experience. However, the recommendations in the letter that the caught attention of Musk, and he said that changes suggested would soon feature in the car.

Some of the modifications that this couple suggested to the company are adjusting cup-holder in the front, center console redesign and introduce sensors that should warn the drivers when the objects are close to the car.  To enhance the safety of the car, the couple suggested blind spot monitors and cross traffic monitors other than sensors to indicate the proximity of the object. Also, the larger touch interface is suggested in the letter for answering the calls to avoid disconnecting the calls, when the driver fails to touch the right spot.

Couple claims that they are very satisfied Tesla owners from Southhold, New York and asked the company to ramp up its marketing strategy a bit. The letter read that people are fascinated by the Tesla cars owned by both husband and wife. They said, “Promotion of your cars to the general public could only have a positive effect, creating many additional enthusiastic Tesla owners.”

Musk determined to make changes

The CEO has taken the suggestions positively and looks keen to include some of those in the car. Elon Musk tweeted the picture of this letter to around 860,000 followers.  As of now, Tesla is quite about the changes that it will filter from the letter and wish to make include them in the car.

Tesla fans and customers applauded the response of Musk after he posted the letter on the Twitter. Although few might be against the vision and strategies of Musk, it does not stop him from being a unique CEO. Such gestures have hardly been seen from a CEO of an automobile or any other company. There are just handfuls of auto companies who listen to the suggestions made by their customers.

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