Tesla Motors Inc Car Not The World’s Fastest EV

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Tesla cars were seen as the fastest electric cars in the world, but this could be a myth. Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili has come up with a car it claims is the fastest production electric vehicle in the world. The car has been named the Concept_One, but unlike its name, it’s not a concept anymore.

Tesla not the fastest EV

Seen as a Tesla rival, the car will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland next month. The Concept_One looks like a “Koenigsegg (a Swedish supercar) mated with a Tesla. Funnily enough, it goes like a pairing between the two brands as well,” says Nick Jaynes of Mashable. Apart from being a high-speed EV, the car also presents an attractive interior with a “central touchscreen flanked by aluminum and carbon fiber,” says Jaynes.

The Concept_One will have 1,088-hp thanks to its 8,450-cell battery pack and be an all-wheel-drive. The car comes with a top speed of 220mph and will go 0 to 62mph in around 2.6 seconds. The car is not only fast by Tesla’s standards but by any standard. Along with power, the car also offers “comfort, control, track and drift driving modes,” i.e., it can adapt to different moods, be it a “calm, serene one or a go through the corner sideways state of mind,” says Jaynes.

Rimac first showcased the car at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, and after four years now, the model has hit the production stage. However, Rimac plans to build only eight production Concept_One cars, and of those eight, six have already been sold. Orders have been taken since 2012, and the limited-edition model is priced at £675,605.

Audi Overtakes Tesla

Along with speed, Tesla also loses another title. In Consumer Reports’ annual ranking of new vehicles, Audi topped Tesla. On Tuesday, the U.S. magazine ranked Audi ahead of Tesla despite the negativity for the German automaker over the diesel gate emissions scandal. Quality issues surrounding Tesla’s Model S helped Audi to come in better.

For 2014 and 2015, Tesla’s Model S sedan was Consumer Reports’ best overall vehicle. This year, however, the magazine chose not to reveal its top pick. Fuji Heavy Industries’ Subaru Unit was ranked next to Audi, followed by Toyota’s Lexus, Porsche, and BMW.

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