Control Your Tesla Motors Inc Model S With Apple Watch

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A Tesla app is coming to the Apple Watch–a double bonus for gadget and car lovers.

Tesla Model S owners will soon be able to control their cars using their Apple Watch. This comes as intriguing news for tech lovers and Model S owners. The task of combining both popular tech machines has been taken up by Eleks Labs, a Ukraine-based software developing firm.

Tesla and Apple Watch together

Apple is gearing up to bring its smartwatch to the market in a couple of months, and it will probably be the hottest new personal gadget of the year.

The team at Eleks Labs stated that they had created an app that will inform Tesla Model S owners about the charging of their car and how many miles they can travel with the amount of juice left in the battery. Other functions that could be performed through the Apple Watch app are locking and unlocking of doors or switching on the headlights. Apple Watch will also notify the owner of the temperature inside the car and can show the current location of the car.

The app has been developed from the beta version of the Apple Watch, according to Eleks. The firm also talked about the limited scope of the watch as it only works with the iPhone. Eleks even published a short video that shows the app and how it works for the Tesla Model S.

Not an easy task

The app is still in testing phase, and the team behind this app is busy resolving various issues. This suggests the app will not be available on the Apple Watch anytime soon.

Talking about the difficulty in creating an app for the gadget, Eleks Labs noted in a blog post, “Although the opportunities seem pretty huge with Apple Watch, unfortunately, the current capabilities of the emulator-only development don’t match the expectations set after the keynote.”

The developer stated that at present, it is very difficult to create anything that functions well and perfectly on the Apple Watch with the current SDK, and various things that Apple stated during the launch for some business idea are still to be integrated into the SDK version of the watch. So all developers can do is to wait for the spring release of Apple’s new Watch kit, and the gadget will finally hit the shelves in its retail stores at that time as well.

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