Tesla Model 3 Launch Event: Start Time And How To Watch

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Tesla Motors announced on Twitter that they would be delivering the first 30 Tesla Model 3’s to eager owners on Friday morning. This Tesla Model 3 launch event marks the exciting next step of the electric vehicle manufacturer’s first foray into a mass production vehicle. The Model X and Model S have both been incredibly popular but their numbers have been limited. With the first Tesla Model 3’s being given to customers who pre-ordered the vehicle, you’re likely to see a lot more Tesla vehicles on the road in the coming months and years.

Tesla Model 3 Launch Event

Of course, a major milestone like this won’t go by without some fanfare and excitement. The Tesla Model 3 launch event will be streamed live on Friday, July 27th starting at 8:45PM PT. If you want to see excited Tesla owners take delivery of the hottest electric vehicle on the market, you can tune in on Tesla.com. There’s sure to be some big smiles from owners who have eagerly been waiting for this moment. It’s also very cool that Tesla is going to be making a big event of the handover of these first 30 vehicles.

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So, what are these owners getting? As mentioned, this will be Tesla’s first mass produced vehicle. The price starts at a very reasonable $35,000 before any incentives. The Tesla Model 3 will get 215 miles out of a single battery charge and there are options available for larger capacity batteries. Of course, this sedan isn’t just for hauling the kids to soccer practice. Tesla claims that the Model 3 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 6 seconds.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how consumers react to the Tesla Model 3. At a very reasonable price, with a lot of high-end features, it would seem the Tesla Model 3 launch event is just the starting point for a very successful vehicle launch. Of course, there is some competition. The Chevrolet Bolt EV will be hitting roads very soon and other manufacturers are jumping into the EV market in a big way. Volvo, for example, has committed to only producing hybrid and electric vehicles by 2020.

With they hype that has followed previous Tesla vehicles, it’s hard to imagine the Model 3 won’t be a success. Production is ramping up to supply 75,000 vehicles per year which should allow most people that want a Model 3 to be able to get in one.

Let us know, will you be watching the Tesla Model 3 launch event? Are you going to try and buy one of your own or will you wait to read the reviews and see what the gear heads have to say?

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