Tesla’s 4th Supercharger Station In Maryland Coming Soon

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Tesla always gets a lot of support in Maryland, especially since it was allowed to sell its vehicles directly to consumers because of the state’s ruling in May 2015. Now it’s getting support in expanding its infrastructure in the state. The state already has three Supercharger stations, and the fourth will be installed soon, according to PlugInSites.org.

Maryland: a Tesla state

The upcoming station will be located at the Maryland House off busy Interstate 95. PlugInSites states that every year, 3 million customers visit Maryland House, making it one of the busiest destinations in the country.

Also Tesla is working on a fifth Supercharger in the state, which is being constructed 50 miles south at Laurel. The EV firm will use the data collected from Aberdeen to plan for the number of stalls needed in the proposed Supercharger just 15 miles north at the Chesapeake House Travel Plaza, reports Teslarati.

Maryland is surely among the top three states for owning a Tesla as the state already offers a generous tax credit of $3,000 to EV drivers, and owners are required to pay a relatively low 15 cent per kWh utility rate. There are three Supercharger stations already in operation and several Tesla storefront galleries in Maryland from where interested buyers can directly buy EVs from the Silicon Valley automaker, says Teslarati.

Tesla opens largest Supercharger station in Norway

Currently, Tesla has over 4,300 Supercharger stalls around the world. Existing Tesla owners are concerned that Supercharger stations will get congested as the company has revealed its intention of producing 500,000 vehicles in 2018. Also there are several reports of overcrowding at Supercharger stations. These have led the company to expand its fast-charging network and Destination Charging program around the world.

Last week, the company opened the world’s largest Supercharger station in Nebbenes, Norway. It has 20 stalls, and the peak capacity is 100KW per stall, indicating a total capacity of 2,000 KW. The fact that the EV maker chose to locate its largest Supercharger station in Europe does not come as a surprise. The region already has a substantial renewable energy infrastructure that makes Europe a lucrative market for the company, according to Investopedia.

Automotive Industry Data shared earlier this year that Tesla Model S sales were higher than those of Mercedes’ flagship S class, making the former the best-selling luxury car in Western Europe. Tesla sold 4,000 Model S sedans in Norway. Tesla’s sales got a boost after the Norwegian government offered incentives to promote electric cars like free parking, charging, and driving in bus lanes.

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